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Coffee Machine Training with La Marzocco - Special Behind the Scenes

With constantly changing technologies and endless innovations within the coffee industry it takes a lot of keeping up with. In this video Jimmy shares a little moment of his 5 hour training session with La Marzocco to improve his knowledge and skills on a couple of their machines. Specifically the machines he's training on are the La Marzocco Linea PB and Linea Classic.

Jimmy shares insights into why this training is so important to him as an account manager. The video also gives you a little behind the scenes look for the goings on here at Artisti Coffee Roastery.


Unedited Video Transcript

hey guys welcome back to the rtc YouTube channel where we guide you through
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you don't want to miss them so today i'm doing something a little bit different
i'm here in the artisti factory servicing bay and i'm about to do a four-hour intensive training with la marzocco on all their equipment so i've got a la marzocco pb i've got a  la marzocco classic and today i'm going to learn direct from the la marzocco team via online we're going to do this via video conference because in today's age of course we just have to adapt and this is the service that they provide us so that we can be more knowledgeable about all the equipment that we supply and just be able to support our customers i'm an 
account manager but i still take um just quick troubleshooting phone calls or i walk into cafes and they're having issues and i can it's days like this and it's training like this that  la marzocco provide us that give us that edge when we when we really need to support our customers so i'm a bit nervous i'm a bit excited i've got a whole heap of parts that i have no idea what where they're going to go and learn all about it today so i thought i'd just let you in on this
little moment because it's something that we do behind the scenes here and we want to continually train ourselves and and be better at what we do so we can support our customers and give you an insight into what it's like to be here at the artisti roastery so stick around and you'll see a bit more about what's happened here today cheers
oh man that was epic i've just spent five hours on a conference call with adrian
from  la marzocco just going through the ins and outs of their machines  particularly the classic and the pb today but i am going to do more training
with them um on all their other machines because they there's just so much to learn today we just focused on understanding how to troubleshoot what goes wrong with customers and and knowing all the parts than and what i'm looking for diving deep into the programming of the machine and the full digital menu there how to update the the software and just really understanding how to get the most out of the machine you wouldn't realize how many factory settings are coming out coming with the machine and understanding how to adapt them to  make better coffee faster so being able to install a machine all the steps to make sure it's done correctly bleeding the machine and doing all the things that that need to be done to make sure it's set up correctly but also that if you need to move a machine or or take it out of an account that it's that it's looked after  correctly so there's a lot to it lots to learn i'm excited for the journey that i'm on
learning about equipment i'm excited for the opportunity to help my customers now and be able to spend more time in the tech world so if you've got any questions put them in the comments below either myself or luke's a technician
and we've got another full-time service tech here at rtc so between us we should be able to answer um some  questions you've got i'm curious so uh thanks for watching this video little insight if you want to see more of our day to day check out our instagram page that's what we're posting on every day so be sure to subscribe to the channel we just hit 25 000 subscribers so super stoked on that  and we continue to grow the channel uh for the community of coffee lovers that we got so hit the bell icon so don't miss out on future videos thanks guys see you next time 

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