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Cupping Coffee Explained

In this video we discuss cupping and what purpose it serves in the coffee industry. Cupping is a term you may have heard being used and often wondered what that means. Well we hope to explain that within this video for you.

Video Transcript


Hi guys Joel from Artisti Coffee Roasters. Today we're talking cupping. So cupping is a standardized brew method where we've got a certain amount of coffee ground at a certain size and water heated up to the same temperature each time using the same volume of water.

Being a very repeatable process it helps us assess and compare different roasts, beans, blends and so forth. We use it in a number of different ways. It's probably the best tool that a roaster has. It's not all about what happens over there at the roaster, it's being able to assess

the flavour profiles of each roast and go from there to improve blends and single origins. We use it in a number of different ways in our business. If we're looking at a potential bean,  you know a certain origin or you know processing method then we'll get a sample of that in and

we'll use the cupping process to assess whether that's going to be something that we want to move forward with as far as suitability goes for its application. Whether that be a blend or a single origin. If we do decide to go on with that bean, cupping is still a really important part of the development process of blending that into other beans and seeing how that works. Also testing different roast profiles on that coffee before we put it in into production. So it's a really, really handy tool as a metric that's the same week in week out to compare flavour profiles and make tweaks from there. What we're actually going to be doing today is a post-production cupping. So we've finished roasting for the day we're going to go through and taste every single sample that we roasted. Okay so let's get into it!


So that's cupping essentially. It's that repeatable week-in week-out

method that we can taste our coffees and compare them.


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