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Essential Maintenance Habits for Espresso Machines - Advice from Georgia at Brewtech 🛠️

Espresso machines are a beloved appliance for many coffee enthusiasts, offering the convenience of brewing café-quality espresso right in the comfort of your own home. However, to ensure your espresso machine consistently delivers the perfect cup of coffee, it's crucial to establish good maintenance habits. In this blog post, we're excited to share some invaluable maintenance advice from Georgia at Brewtech, an expert in the world of espresso machines. Grab your toolkit, because we're about to dive into the essential maintenance habits that will keep your espresso machine running smoothly and your coffee tasting fantastic.

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1. Regular Cleaning Is Key

One of the first things Georgia emphasizes is the importance of regular cleaning. Espresso machines can become a breeding ground for coffee residue and mineral buildup, which can negatively impact the taste and performance of your machine.

2. Descale Regularly

Scale buildup, caused by minerals in your water, can clog your espresso machine's internal pipes and affect the flavor of your coffee. Georgia suggests descaling your machine every 2-3 months, or more frequently if you have hard water. Here's how to do it:

  • Fill the water reservoir with a descaling solution mixed with water as per the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Run the machine through a brew cycle without coffee. Repeat this process with clean water to remove any remaining descaling solution.

  • Don't forget to thoroughly rinse and clean all the removable parts.

3. Check Your Seals and Gaskets

Leaking espresso machines are a common issue, often caused by worn-out seals or gaskets. Georgia recommends inspecting these components regularly and replacing them as needed. A quick inspection during your cleaning routine can save you from potential headaches down the road.

4. Mind Your Grinder

Your espresso machine's grinder plays a vital role in the quality of your brew. To keep it in top condition:

  • Clean your grinder's burrs regularly to prevent the buildup of coffee oils and residue.

  • Adjust the grind size as needed to maintain the right extraction time and flavor profile for your coffee.

5. Be Mindful of Water Quality

The quality of water you use can significantly impact your espresso machine's lifespan. Georgia suggests using filtered or purified water to reduce the risk of scale buildup and mineral deposits. Additionally, using stale or low-quality beans can also affect your coffee's taste, so always choose freshly roasted beans.


In the world of espresso, a well-maintained machine is the key to consistently brewing exceptional coffee. Georgia at Brewtech has shared these essential maintenance habits to help you keep your espresso machine in peak condition. Remember, a little regular care goes a long way in ensuring your espresso machine remains your trusted partner in brewing delicious coffee. So, roll up your sleeves, follow these tips, and savor every sip of your home-brewed espresso. ☕🛠️

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