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FIVE BARISTA HACKS using the Steam Wand on your Espresso Machine

Steam wand in a milk bottle. Toothpick in a steam wand. No it's not madness! Here's five great barista hacks using the steam wand on your espresso machine that you're going to love. They'll save you time, money, wastage and make your coffee making process a whole lot easier. Do you have trouble with piles of empty milk cartons taking up space? Do you know how to steam and polish your latte glasses? Would you like to get loads of hot water fast without draining your coffee machines boiler? Are you struggling texture milk properly because you have too much steam pressure? Are you damaging your steam wand with your current cleaning process? Jimmy has hacks to solve all of those little problems for you! We hope you enjoy the video and the tips we have for you here. If you have any of your own hacks to share please drop them in the comments below. We'd sure love to hear them!



Unedited Video Transcript

steam wand in a milk bottle toothpick in

a steam wand
stick around i've got five barista hacks
using your steam wand that you're gonna
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so today i've got five great brewster
hacks for you
using your steam wand my first one is
steam on in a milk bottle
so we've always got these kicking around
they're just getting our way they take
up heaps of room in your rubbish bin so
we just need to crush them down
as small as we can they're pretty solid
so they're kind of annoying to crush
simply fill that milk bottle with steam
don't put your hand over the hole when
you twist it
just give it a little twist keep the top
intact they do get hot so be careful
you can cap that and bring that back
down to a much smaller quantity
so when you look at the standard bottle
first size you're going to fit a lot
more in your bins
and you get a lot more space if you're a
business owner and you're paying for
rubbish collection
you need to get your boosters to start
doing this now send them this video
tell them to start doing it you'll save
yourself money and if you're a barista
and you're sick of taking the bin out
this is going to halve the time that you
take that bin out
so my second tip is cleaning your
glassware with your steam wand
so might take you steamy clothes just do
steam cleaning around the house
no reason you can't do that the steam's
not going to burn you
so you can clean that glassware nice and
tight so if your dishes done a bad job
of cleaning your glasses
you don't want to send out dirty coffees
polish them up nicely with a nice steam
and they're good to go so my next tip
for you is how to keep your steam one
clean without damaging it
one of the worst things you can do is to
fill up a milk jug
fill it with water and have it soaking
overnight especially if you're putting
chemical in that because there's vacuums
created in steam
ones and you can send that water and
that chemical back up the steam on
that's not good for it
much like if you're using anything to
scratch this down it is really damaging
the steam water we don't want to do that
so the quickest way something for you to
just get
a good habit through your day as a
barista is simply
wrapping your steam on with a wet chucks
and leaving it while you're not using it
soaking for five minutes will have just
as great an effect at cleaning a steam
when you come back to it all you're
doing is giving it a good wipe down
and we're just getting all that off and
we're nice and clean and you're good to
go again
all right so my next tip for you is a
simple one but it's a great one if
ever been in a cafe and you've had your
dish you come out and bleed you with all
your hot water
or someone just needs some hot water for
a baby bottle or
any reason to just get some hot or
boiling water that you just don't want
to take out any machine because it does
affect your coffee making
simply put some cold water in your milk
jug and just steam it as if it's milk
and it will get up to temperature real
it's way faster than boiling the kettle
it's going to scream you because there's
no air in it
but now you've simply got some perfect
hot water
a cup of noodles
so the toothpick what are we going to do
with the toothpick do you find that you
have trouble
managing the steam that's coming out of
your machine maybe it's a bit too quick
and you don't have time to
get the right vortex and add the air at
the right rate we're going to use this
to actually block out one of these holes
which is going to
reduce the amount of steam that's able
to come out and that's
easy to do with this simple trick so
we'll just take that out
this is a double ender but if you're
a flat end be sure to use the pointy end
come under here we want to fill the hole
that's closest to the machine
so keeping these all in good stead
i'm going to push that up right up into
the hole
i'm going to snap that off leaving that
part of the toothpick
in there now this is important that we
want to actually
get some of that condensation coming out
and that will expand the toothpick
that will ensure it doesn't fall out
one important tip on this is you do need
to use the wooden toothpicks you can't
use the bamboo ones they don't expand
and they won't work the same way
so now we've reduced the amount of steam
that can come out of our steam one
and that's going to slow down the amount
of time that it takes us to steam a full
jug of milk
meaning you've got more time to get your
vortex right you've got more time to
the amount of air going into your coffee
and you're going to be able to manage
your milk far better so that's my five
top brewster hacks to do with your steam
on them hope you've enjoyed them
if you've got your own barista hacks put
them in the comments below we're going
to read all of them
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it have a good day

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