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How Often & When Should You Make Adjustments to a Coffee Grinder Throughout the Day?

In this video Jimmy is discussing commercial coffee grinders and more importantly when and how often should you be making grind adjustments throughout the day. It can get quite confusing and difficult for baristas to manage their grind settings with many cafes opting for the set and forget approach however to maintain good consistent coffee extractions changing grind is very important.

There are so many different variables a barista should consider before making any grind adjustments such as puck preparation, age of coffee, weather, temperature and more. Understanding the various elements a barista can then make educated decisions on grind adjustments so they are optimizing extractions and keeping within their brew recipe parameters.

Hopefully Jimmy's tips and advice in this video helps you understand how often and when you should be adjusting your grind settings.

Unedited Video Transcript

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