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How to Make a Piccolo Latte, Macchiato & a Long Macchiato

In this video we are looking at the babies of the coffee world. In particular the Piccolo, Macchiato & a Long Macchiato. Jimmy is going to show you how each of these drinks are prepared here in Australia as well as what they should be served in.

As mentioned in the video we have a downloadable document which will show you how every drink on our coffee menu should be made. See link below.

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Video Transcript 

Hey, guys, today I'm going to teach you how to prepare a piccolo, a short macchiato and a long macchiato, and I'm going to do them all at the same time. I'm going to be doing my piccolo in a 90ml glass.

You can also do it in a 90ml takeaway cup. I'll be doing my short macchiato in an espresso cup. I'll also be doing my long macchiato in 170ml tulip cup. So let's make a few coffees.

So, I'm here in the Artisti training room today. We're working on a Sanremo Zoe Competition tall machine. I've also got my Anfim SP2 grinder with my dosing pots weighing out my dose. Good distribution. Manual tamping did a video recently with Luke about the same thing to watch that one, so I'm just going to split these two shots into here and get the next shot going.

So you can tell I've got two single shots here, I've got a single shot for my piccolo and I've also got a single shot for my short macchiato. I'm going to put my long black on. Sorry, my long Mac.

However, I am preparing a long black. To be able to put turned into a long macchiato. Wonderful, you can tell that I'm holding this closely because I really want that crema to sit on top of this hot water.

I don't want it to dive through a mixture. I really want that nice rich crema sitting on top of that water there. Beautiful. Once I've got that, I can leave that. All right, so I've got a small jug of milk here, we're going to froth this like we're doing a latte.

We obviously want to pour that piccolo latte now, piccolo that means small in Italian, so we call it a piccolo latte. Small latte. Probably the one thing you want to recognize is it's not actually really a smaller latte because it is a different ratio to a latte.

It's got far more coffee to milk in its ratio. So let's jump over to this short macchiato now. Right now, I've just got a short black. I'm just going to use some of the froth from this milk and sit that right on top of that there.

So that is my short macchiato, just a stain of milk. So macchiato means stain of milk, and that's all it is. It's just a simple stain of milk. And again, we really want this froth to sit on top of that long black there, and that's going to make our long macchiato.

So that stain of milk just ensures that customer can get some good mouthfeel and mix that in as they please. Now I've got plenty of milk here. If you watched any of my other videos, you know that you've got to have the right amount of milk to be able to pour good latte art.

So I'll just reduce that. I've got my piccolo, and you can still do latte art in your piccolos. They're a bit small, they go to practice a bit more but that right there is a piccolo. And you'll be serving that to your customer that way.

It's facing them. So you've got a piccolo with a single shot in a 90 mil glass filled to the top. About ten ml five to ten ml froth on top. So they still get that mouthfeel. You've got a short macchiato there, which is a single shot that is your single shot with a stain of milk and your long macchiato is your stain of milk on top of your long black.

Now that is how we make our coffees here in Australia. I've done a full video on all of this basic coffee menu and how to prepare all of the drinks in an Australian coffee menu.

We'll put a link below to that video so you can watch me prepare all the drinks in the menu. And we also have a downloadable PDF, so if you head to the link, below there's a downloadable PDF that explains even more about how to prepare these drinks for the shots and the milk and the ratios that you're going to need to prepare the best piccolo, long macchiato and short macchiato in your cafe or just at home.

Hope that's helpful. I'll catch you next time.




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