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How to Pour a Rosetta like a Pro - Latte Art Lesson

Welcome to another video in the milk series that we are creating to help you develop and improve your latte art skills. In this particular video we are focusing on learning how to pour the Rosetta pattern in a milk based coffee. Jimmy is running you through this pour and will teach you the correct techniques to get this pattern laid out just right.

If you've just discovered this video and you need to work on your milk skills before attempting the Rosetta then the there are some links below to videos that can help you out.

Thanks for watching our video we hope it helps you and take your skills to another level.


Unedited Transcript

So you want to learn how to pour a great
Rosetta let's dive into it
hey everyone i'm jimmy welcome back to
the Artisti YouTube channel where we
guide you through all things coffee
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so today i'm going to take you through
pouring a rosetta now if you haven't
mastered your milk go back and watch our
other videos where luke talks you
through the fundamentals of
stretching your milk you want to make
sure you've got that all wrapped up
before you get to this point
but i'm going to talk you through the
steps that i take to make sure that we
pour the best rosetta we can in our cup
all right so first we're going to need
some shots i'm also going to need some
great let's pour some rosettas all right
so i've got my shot i've got my milk
let's dive in
and start pouring this rosetta i'm going
to break up my crema
spin my milk dive straight into my shot
and start to create that canvas i don't
want that white really coming out
and i'm going to drop my nose right in
the middle and start that wiggle staying
to the left
now bringing it back lifting up as i go
through i've got another one here let's
walk through that again
and i'll break it down one more time so
we want to get that canvas
so you've got something to pour onto you
want to make sure you lower your nose
closer to the crema so that once you
start wiggling and that wiggle
is important to make sure you're getting
that milk movement
and that shape that's through the cup
but it also instigates the froth to come
and will help the froth to sit on top of
that crema
so once you've got your canvas you start
your wiggle you know lower your nose
and you want to stay closer to the side
of your hand
for as long as you can to create that
base at the bottom
it's not until about three quarters
through the cup that you're actually
going to start working your way back
and then you need a lift as you exit
that way you're going to draw through
but if you don't lift up you're just
going to draw a big white line
through let's go again break up the
crema straight down on top start to
make that canvas i'm going to drop my
nose at the back
wiggle wiggle wiggle bring back and then
lift as i go through
so they're the main steps to pouring a
rosetta you want to make sure you've got
that canvas well poured
you're going to instigate that froth to
come out and sit on top of that crammer
at about halfway through that cup
that wiggle is really going to help in
skip that froth and create that pattern
you want to stay closest to your hand
for as long as possible
then the very end of the cup we're going
to work our way back
and then lifting as we exit that way
we've got a smooth
well-rounded making sure you're not too
far left or right so you get symmetrical
shape in your cup using the cup to your
advantage making sure you're pouring
fast enough and get that real
classic rosetta shape i hope that helps
go and practice your rosettas as much as
you can and let us know how you go in
the comments below
don't forget to even tag us on instagram
so we can see your progress and see how
you're going
thanks guys till next time


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