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How to Pour the Tulip Pattern on a Coffee - Latte Art Lesson

Here we are teaching you the basics of pouring a tulip pattern for latte art. The tulip is one of the three standard latte art patterns that people pour. The other two popular patters are the 'Heart' and the 'Rosetta'.

The Tulip is made by pouring a series of blobs which get pushed forward and spread out as they are stacked one after another. In this video Jimmy is talking you through the process of doing this so hopefully you can practice and do this one for yourself.

If you need further instruction on the other elements of pouring latte art like preparing your milk and technique you will find all these videos and plenty more on our YouTube channel. Hopefully you find a few tips in here from Jimmy that help you out in your quest to pour great latte art. If you have any questions don't forget to leave us a comment.

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