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How to set up & SEASON a new commercial COFFEE GRINDER

When you get yourself a new commercial coffee grinder there's a few things you should check and do to make sure it's ready for action. Luke takes five minutes in this video to give you a run down on some important things that should be done. On the bench he has a some brand new Anfim SP11 coffee grinders. 


Video Transcript (unedited)
so we just got a couple of brand new anfim
sp2s that we're going to set up
for our wholesale customers and we just
wanted to show you what we do before we
send them out to the cafe
so give us a second while we set these
up and then we'll take you through what
we do with these grinders to get them
ready before they go out
so we've got them out of the box we're
going to check them over to see if
there's no marks or dents or
any imperfections on the grinders we're
going to turn them on to make sure
they're actually going to run
then we're going to start running some
beans through them and that's going to
help us clear some of the manufacturing
metal tastes
out of the blades out of this chute
that's not gonna um we don't end up in
the customer's cup
when we first put them out into cafes um
takes about eight kilos for that to
so we like to do that now it'll bed in
the blades
then when we send them out we'll be
pretty much tuned in ready
not only in the grind setting but also
our button one and button two
dose settings which are set by time so
it's far easier to have that done before
you get into a cafe
and the cafe is really going to enjoy
great coffee from the start
so we've got the grinder plugged in turn
it on over this side
you hear the fan kick in just gonna wait
the screen to come on that's telling us
it's ready to go
give us a little test on the manual
button down here to make sure
that the grinder is going to work which
is great you can see it's
set at about 6.5 at the moment so i just
want to test that and just see
how how that's grinding at the moment
just see how coarse this is
so i've got to clear out this chamber a
fair bit
and the grind's going to start to come
through evenly
great so that's actually it's actually
pretty close to espresso to be honest so
that 6.5 is actually not a bad setting
to start on
i wouldn't be going coarser or finer on
that at the moment while we're trying to
season those blades
if anything going a little bit coarser
is going to speed up this process a
little bit for us
so i'm just going to go
up to eight
give that another little test
just a little bit coarser and that's
going to make it a bit quicker for us to
be able to
pump through quite a few kilos so just
going to fill the hopper right up
and then start pumping these kilos
so we keep doing this until we've gone
through eight kilos of coffee and then
we know
that the blades are going to be right to
set for an espresso grind
and then we'll set up the timers so as a
standard you've got your one cup and two
cup buttons
and that's just the time that is
allocated for how long it's going to
grind for
so one cup is set for two and a half
seconds and the two cup
is set for four and a half seconds
because we use these day in and day out
we know that we're just going to be
under that 7 seconds probably about 6.8
to start for us to get 22.5 grams so
that's a good guide
and then we'll be able to take it to the
cafe and yeah start pumping out great
coffee for them
so you'll notice i've been using the
manual button down here to grind through
they're standardly set when you press
this button
and you've got the actual handle locked
in while that's locked in it will
to grind but in this case when we've got
a scale sitting down here in a dosing
pot it's not going to
continue to grind the full amount of
time that we allocate so we do need to
go back in to the menu
it's quite easy we're just getting into
the menu and we're just changing
what this button does it's pretty easy
that's one thing we always set up as
so this is the process that we do with
any new grinder that we're putting into
a cafe
uh hopefully that's given a bit of a
good insight to it if you've got any
questions about the grinders hey shoot
us a comment we'd love to hear from you
thanks guys have an awesome day

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