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How To Split Milk Pitchers When Making Coffee

In this video Jimmy is teaching us all about splitting milk jugs and some of the do's and don'ts surrounding the practice. Jimmy talks through the types or size of coffees it's suitable for and shows how it can improve speed and efficiency in your coffee making service.

A good barista will be able to steam one pitcher of milk to pour out two cups of coffee but the process of how that's done is important to maintain consistency and quality in the final product. The key to splitting jugs and milk starts at the steaming not at the pouring. The reason we split jugs is so we can do good latte art, good milk management and good froth management across all cups.

The practice of splitting milk jugs is really only for use in a busy cafe environment and really isn't a concern for the home barista. Unless of course you have a large group of friends over for coffee and you want to speed up the process.



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