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ISSUES MAKING COFFEE? Is the problem with YOU or the Espresso Machine?


Brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home involves more than just having a quality coffee machine and fresh beans. In our video we delve into and address three common issues that often arise in home coffee brewing: adjusting the grind, managing the flow / extraction, and maintaining a clean machine.

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1. Understanding the Grind:

Here we emphasize the importance of adjusting the grind based on factors like the roast profile and the age of the coffee beans. Failure to do so may lead to issues like overexpansion or under extraction, affecting the flavor of your brew. In our video the Precision GS7 grinder is used as an example, demonstrating how to make precise adjustments to achieve the desired grind size.

2. Managing Flow and Pressure:

Explaining how the amount of coffee in the basket and the grind size influence water flow and pressure during brewing. Overpacking the basket with too much coffee can lead to a blockage, impacting the shower screen. Visual indicators, such as indentations on the coffee puck or excessive grinds in the shot, can help users identify if they are using the right amount of coffee.

3. Importance of Machine Maintenance:

It is essential that the cleanliness of the coffee machine to ensure a consistent and flavorful brew. We advise baristas to clean grinders and machines on a regular basis. This would include removing the shower screen and cleaning away any built up coffee oils behind it. Watch our video on cleaning your coffee machine to better understand this process. 


Mastering the art of home espresso requires attention to detail, particularly in adjusting the grind, managing flow and pressure, and maintaining a clean machine. By following the advice provided, home baristas can troubleshoot common issues and enhance their coffee brewing experience. Watch our full video as a comprehensive guide to making adjustments and maintaining equipment, ensuring that each cup brewed at home is a delightful and flavorful experience.

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