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La Marzocco Swift Commercial Coffee Grinder Cleaning & Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance for all your coffee equipment is essential in minimizing breakdowns and also to ensure a high standard of coffee service. In this video we show you how to take good care of your La Marzocco Swift coffee grinder.

Unedited Video Transcript

hey guys welcome back to the channel
today i just want to take you through
how to clean a La Marzocco swift grinder
if you're not familiar with this grinder
we did shoot a video a couple of weeks
check it out on our channel there's a
couple of things you need to clean the
swift grinder
you're given a little funny kind of
toilet brush
a little pokey stick a one inch
brush a vacuum cleaner and i like to
have a little flat head screwdriver just
that extra little bit of detail clean
so the first thing i'm going to do is
turn the grinder off
obviously want to be nice and safe while
we're cleaning a grinder and we need to
get access to where the beans are
falling in
so we're going to close the chute of the
take them out keep our hand on the top
and tip them upside down
that's the best way to store them
because if you have a look at these
hoppers they are a unique shape and
there is no way that you can get that
to stand on a bench with the beans in it
they're going to end up all over the
and you're going to have an absolute
mess in your hands
you can take those put them into some
gentle warm soapy water in a sink give
them a gentle wash out
i'd say once a week it'd be great never
put them through a dishwasher and make
sure you air dry them
and that they are perfectly dry before
you put them back in the grinder that's
the same with any hopper as well
i'd then be taking a few of these beans
out of
this actual um
i guess what is it the chute basically
just get rid of the excess out of there
there's no point grinding them off and
wasting if you don't have to
always pop them back into our hoppers
and grab as many as you can
next we're going to do is we're going to
take off our top cover
we're going to hold the brake backwards
that's going to stop the shaft from
and to undo this you can actually push
on the flat side
now people forget which way this goes
even i do sometimes but i just know that
if i'm pushing on the flat side
it's going to go undone and it should
just spin its way out
if you've done a good day's trade you'll
have a bit of coffee on there so make
sure you give that a good little brush
you can wash it but again make sure it's
clean and dry before you put that back
into the grinder
give a bit of a brush down all over it's
always handy
make it look nice and pretty
and you can window cleaner and paper
towel any of those surfaces if you want
to get that nice polished finish
we need to use this brush basically and
get inside the chute
now it's a big cylinder so you just want
to get in there there is a shaft that
comes down from the top
go around around around and you'll get a
fair bit of coffee grind out
get your brush and you can actually just
brush around
where that handles i'm locking in as
well where the lugs go into
and that'll make sure that you get all
the grind out
now this is clean just pop your brake
back on
set it in place
and tighten that back up
just finger tight doesn't need any more
than that it will naturally tighten
itself the way it spins so that's cool
um let's go have a look at the top now
because that's the other part that we
need to clean
um no i need to show you something else
pokey stick so this little flap when we
open it up
actually has a little yellow circle
and as you insert that it will actually
to the opposite side uh grinder and into
the chute where that grind is being
pushed through
so it allows you to sort of give it a
bit of a poke around and make sure that
shoots nice and clean
so definitely do that every single day
middle of the day if you need to as well
but one on either side and that will
make sure that shoot is nice and clean
now let's have a look at the top of the
grinding blades
so grab your brush and just give it a
bit of a brush down
now you'd want to do this at least once
a week so we're going to start by just
vacuuming out the beans that are left in
then i'm going to get just this little
pokey stick and just go around the
outside edge of the blade
there's always a little bit that just
gets caught right in the edge
so i'm just gonna take that off now
you get things that get stuck in between
this part here i'll just show you
in between this metal collar and the
actual outside edge
and you can't quite get them they get
stuck underneath this rim
so what i recommend is just getting a
flathead screwdriver
we only want to undo these three screws
a quarter turn
we don't want any more than that and
that will just allow this top collar
just to move slightly as you can see
and now we can actually poke those beans
out that are caught in there
so sort of two whole beans caught in
there and they've fallen out nicely
and then just give them a tighten up if
you're not comfortable
with a screwdriver don't do this please
get your tech to do it when they do
their service and another quick vacuum
and that's the grinder blades clean so
we're going to pop the
hoppers back on again and you can see
that this one has
the beans in it so make sure that's
closed and locked
now this is actually the one for the
side closest to you
whoa bean spill i'm going to flip it
over actually no it comes around upside
and comes back on to this side
so we're going to lock it in and make
sure that we
open the beans shoot so that it hop a
slide so it falls in
and then just lock it in on the front
there and now that's nice and tight
there are two screws that are here
and on the other side and you can
tighten those up if you wish
we tend not to because in an emergency
it's very hard to try and get these two
screws undone
so if we were going to tighten them up
we would only do the ones on the outside
and that means that a barista on site
can get in there and take the hopper off
if they need to
i'm just going to put the other hopper
back on
lock that back in place then we want to
do a quick cleanup
i've got a few extra beans i'll just pop
them back in
pop our lid back on
and we're going to turn the grinder back
on because we do want to make sure it
work before we make our next coffee we
don't want to be
leaving it pulled apart and then think
in the morning hey is it going to work
i recommend just giving it a quick test
to make sure that you're comfortable
after doing a clean here's a handle
we'll give it a quick test
that's grinding nicely
it's camping beautifully
and we've got a nice beautifully tamped
puck so that's ready to go now it's just
a bit of a cleanup
just a matter of getting uh your brush
or your vacuum and
cleaning up any of the the beans you've
spilled around the place
i like this little pot it's really quite
handy just to
get all the grinds into
now you can give that a quick window
cleaner and paper towel spray to make it
immaculate again if your buttons here
start to get a little bit of a funny
coloring on them make sure you let your
tech know because it's easy to swap that
out you don't want those buttons
and one other hot tip if you're going to
move this grinder
do not grab it from here and either pull
it forward
or push it back that will break the
grinder so in this cleaning process if
you need to
actually maneuver the grinder it's best
to get your hand underneath here
and one under the back and then allow it
to maneuver around
it's the safest way you don't want to be
breaking the chute that pushes that
coffee into the front
thanks very much guys i hope you've
enjoyed uh how to clean the grinder um
if you've got any questions hey shoot us
a comment we'd love to hear from you if
you're using one of these grinders
and you're not really quite sure about
it hey we'd really like to answer that
for you so
thanks very much guys for watching have
an awesome day


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