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Latte Art Fails - Here are the mistakes that you are making and how to fix them

If you are failing with your attempts at latte art then maybe there's one or two minor things that are holding you back. In this video Jimmy goes through the most common mistakes that he sees baristas making when they are pouring out latte art. This could be the kind of milk jug you're using, how you are stretching and frothing your milk down to the type of coffee mug that you're pouring in to.

If you have been struggling to pour good consistent latte art then hopefully you find a few answers in this video.


Unedited Video Transcript

today i'm going to talk you through the
most common mistakes that i see when
people pour latte art
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all the time now guys i spend heaps of
time in cafes i've trained plenty of
baristas and there's a heap of mistakes
that i'm seeing just repeated throughout
the place and people try and pull latte
out at home and i get asked the same
question a lot so i'm here to talk you
through some of the mistakes that a lot
of people are making and hopefully you
can resolve some of your issues and we
can get you pouring better latte art
even faster
so let's get into it today i'm going to
talk you through some tips
and let's start with the tools that
you're using so straight away
your cup is going to make a big
difference on the latte out that you're
pouring so you can notice that we have
nice bold cups here that's an acme and
coke cup but obviously when you're
pouring take away cups you still are
going to have similar issues it's really
about the momentum of the milk moving
through the cup
so i just wanted to point out
those cups are one of the things that we
highlight when we're pouring good latte
out and you'll see that so
i'll chuck a shot on
now i do want to mention that when
you're making latte art it is really
important to have a good espresso shot
to pour onto if you don't have a good
shot to pour on to
pour onto you're really going to
struggle to get that nice mix of milk
and crema and have a nice base to pour
through so
make sure your espresso shot is on point
you've got good crema
and you're starting from the best spot
possible now
again coming back to the tools that
we're using
your milk jugger quite often go into
cafes and they'll have a range of
different milk jugs different brands
and every now and then they nail it they
know nice latte up they don't realize
why and it might just be because of the
shape of the spout they're using some
jugs are wider so go and grab your jug
right now and put in the comments below
if you've been using the wrong jug the
whole time and that's potentially been
your issue but there are specific drugs
some can be really expensive and they
actually are built for latte art so have
a look at that these are just the these
are rhinoware
jugs that we sell on our online store we
know that you can pull that good latte
out with them so
there's a link down below to that and
plus there's plenty of links to a lot of
the videos that we've done in the past
about milk texturing about
improving your coffee making so
be sure to check them out so
we'll spin some milk in a minute
and get onto that so today i'm just
going to
prepare these two coffees
and let's spin some milk so
you can't make
a good espresso without
good textured milk
so i haven't made a shot for a while
and that was dripping a little bit slow
but it's going to have nice rich dark
chroma for me to pour through so i might
not serve that to a customer because i
know it's going to be a little over
extracted based on the dripping that
i've seen there
that's all right
all right don't mind me i just had to
enter the phone because we are still
running the business here day to day so
keeping it real
so i'm going to text you some milk so
we've spent heaps of time training on
this and we've we have lots of videos
we'll pick links to below on texturing
your milk but if you're not texturing
your milk right you're just never really
going to hit the mark on latte art now
if your milk is too thin you'll see it
pour through the coffee
and i'm going to just heat some milk
here and you notice that i'm not
actually putting any air in that milk
and this is where you're going to set
yourself up
for failure really
temperature is a big part of milk
texturing as well
so you want to make sure you're hitting
that 65 if you're really trying to nail
latte out and you're not too concerned
about the temperature
you might actually be aiming for more
like 60 55 because then you're you're
really eliminating any other variables
let's just go to the other extreme and
we'll just add plenty of froth in there
so we've got our shots ready we've got
our two types of milk
and let's see how we go even even if i
work this now spinning your milk is a
big part of this
and and but with thin milk
i'm just
i'm really going to struggle even if i
do all the right tricks i'm just not
going to get there
because i have nothing to really work
with now i put plenty of froth in this
and i can bang out those bubbles do the
right thing so spinning is a big part of
it but if you've already got too much
you can do all this work
but you're just
you're not
you're not going to achieve what you're
after so
let's make some more coffees and get
closer to where we want to be but thin
milk's not going to work milk that's too
thick is not going to work either
so let's go again
and we'll show some other mistakes that
i see
oh yeah
so one of the most one of the other most
common things that i see in cafes just
day to day i also see it i see it in
cafes with with good baristas
good races but also obviously home
homemakers everyone's
especially at home when you don't have
the time to practice practice is going
to be a big element to doing a latte up
it's not something that you do overnight
there's a real feel for it you have to
watch your milk you have to understand
where your
creamer is moving through the cup so
don't be put off if you've just got into
the game
and you want to start doing latte out
but you know you only make a couple of
coffees a day so
i'm not even
so let's just
be nice to ourselves you do need to
and get that right
so now i'm going to steam this milk how
i would like it for latte art
so it's called latte up for a reason
i think it's called latte up for the
reason that your milk really needs to be
the best item is with that
latte uh prof no we're steaming it for a
certain um smoothness
and that's going to be the best result
there so there's two things here
there's a fact that people
don't realize that the angle of your jug
plays a big part of it we might know
that about the pattern but what happens
is this dog right now has even that much
milk in it oh let's yeah let's say this
one not that one
this one has a fabric of milk in it now
i only need this much and i purposely
did these bigger jugs so if your jug is
really full
you're actually going to struggle to get
an angle that's going to get you close
enough to the crema so what i would
suggest is always actually take a little
bit out so you're as little milk as you
can on there and that's going to pour
better latte now i'm going to just stick
on this point and say symmetry symmetry
is crucial without symmetry you're going
to get
movement through the cup that's just
going to create
a whirlpool and you want that whirlpool
when you're mixing creating a canvas but
you don't want that when you're actually
pouring a latte on
so let's watch this pour if i lose my
even though i'm doing the right things
i do want to spin my crema
i want that to mix through i want that
to be nice and blended i want to make
sure i'm spinning all the way up until
the end
i want to create a canvas so i've got
this nice canvas i've got something to
pour on to but if i am not symmetrical
i'll just get
this wacky pattern and i'm uneven
it's not the result that you're after
we we're just
symmetry is what makes these patterns
and they are what you create the base of
a rosetta with
and that's
that's a big part of latte art as well
so on this one
even more to that example
if i have a really full jug
you can see that the angle of my dog is
going to struggle to get down close
enough to the crema and you're going to
just create this
kind of fall so what i'm going to do
is just mix that little back bit back in
i want to get that out the other pattern
that i see is a lot of ferns
people are starting their pat they're
going back way too early
so we actually want to and this is what
they do they start their pattern
and then they come back and then they're
filling up here
and again you're just creating these
wacky patterns so what we actually want
to do is spend more time
in the center of the cup and let the
momentum do the work
so you're spending half the cup creating
a canvas you've got your milk and your
coffee mixed together for about half the
cup and then latte art really happens in
the last you know 20 ml of that cup and
that's where all the magic happens you
basically want to finish your pattern as
the cup is full what we don't want to do
is fill the cup up at the last point
because then you're you'll actually keep
movement through the cup and kind of
mess up your latte out so
as close as they are they're just not
quite on the money
okay so that's all the mistakes that i
see are you doing any of those mistakes
or have you seen them before put it in
the comments below we read them all and
we'd love to hear your feedback and see
if this is helping because
and if you know of any other mistakes
that other people are making that you
can contribute to the community that
we're building we'd love to hear it so
to wrap up we're going to get i'm going
to make a nice latte art and a good
coffee and i'll talk you through the
steps so that you can follow the steps
that i'm taking and now you're allowed
to out too so let's just jump back in so
i'm going to use a nice bowl cup
beautiful for latte art notice that when
i pour this cup i'm going to hold it so
my spout is actually facing my hand that
way when i pour my rosetta the base of
my rosetta is going to be at the base
where the right-handed customer is
pouring if you know your customers well
and you know what left whether they're
left or right-handed that would be a
unique skill to have so that you can
make the best experience for that
customer but i'll be pouring it for a
right-handed customer
so i'm going to put my shot on
get that started
notice before i did use the big milk
jugs just so i had what i needed for the
example but for this i'm just going to
use the small milk jug that's going to
give me the right amount of milk for my
cup it's got a good spout on it again a
nice runaway
jug that's going to give me the right
amount of milk that i need
gonna have a nice spout on it so it's
nice and precise
focusing on
the shot that i'm pulling as well
i'm even going to make it
double estrada
nice rich shot
to pour onto
all right let's spin some milk
so i would say jump back into the other
videos we've got about spinning milk and
getting the right amount of air in that
milk right about a temperature
keeping the steam on
it's about clean because
when i don't everyone in the comments
points that out so
thank you for everyone that has ever
pointed out when i don't clean the steam
i appreciate it
we've got our milk all we need
let's break up that crema
let's make sure it's spinning the milk
all the way to the end so it's nice and
blended i can spend half this cup
creating my my canvas
and then i'm going to get my nose as
close to the chroma as i can so that
white really sits down and then my cup
is full and i lift
as i drop
there is my coffee
my right handed customer can now pick
that up and enjoy that
drinking from the bottom of the
the pattern there
and with all of those
failures fixed
you should be able to produce a
beautiful coffee like that so
thanks for watching hope you've learned
something hope your lightsaber looks
that good
if you have any comments of what you
would do differently or
if this has been helpful for you in any
please put in the comments below we'd
love to read them if you haven't already
subscribe because we've got plans for
heaps of new videos coming
and we want everyone to be a part of the
community that we're building so like
the video if you thought you learned
something and share it with someone that
could use some extra skills at the latte
art guys thanks for watching appreciate
it we'll see you soon cheers bye


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