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Luke vs Jimmy Coffee Making Challenge - Who is the best barista?

Luke & Jimmy faced off in a fun, friendly coffee making session where they tackle the same coffee order and produce it using their own method. They had no idea what the order was before Zac our roaster delivered it and neither of them watched each other until the very end.

When they were done making their orders they sat down to watch the video footage and debrief how each other performed and comment on what was happening throughout. This is interesting as we try really hard at Artisti to make sure our coffee making process is uniform, however in the end baristas still make different decisions and choices about how they will process larger orders.

How a barista chooses to process orders can impact the final flavour of each drink. Some drinks are better left until last as they don't do so well sitting for long before being drunk. So watching how the guys process the order and get it out as fast as they can is very interesting and there's a lot that novice baristas can take away from this video.

We hope you enjoy the video and it helps you out in your career as a barista.

Equipment used in this video:

La Marzocco 3 Group Linea PB Coffee Machine:

Anfim SP2 Coffee Grinder:

Anfim scale holder platform:

Cinoart Automatic Tamper:

Mazzer ZM Coffee Grinder:

Dosing Pot:

Acaia Scales:

Corner Tamp Mat:

NCD distribution tool:

Automatic Milk Dispenser and Jug Rinser:

Milk Pitchers:

Plastic Dosing Cup:


Unedited Video Transcript:

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