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Why we DON'T use a Single Shot Coffee Basket to make Coffee

In our espresso bar here at the coffee roastery we certainly don't use a single shot basket to make coffee. No, never!

Here Luke will talk you through exactly what's going to happen with your extraction and what results you should expect when you try using a single shot basket in your machine at home.

If you're using a single shot basket you should watch this video then go out and get yourself a new larger straight walled basket and experience the difference.

Hopefully this video helps you out and gets you closer to brewing the perfect coffee. If you want to learn a little more about baskets you could also watch

In your ESPRESSO MACHINE which PORTAFILTER BASKET should you use? 

Unedited Video Transcript

why we don't use a single shot basket
hey stick about and i'll tell you the
reasons why we ditch these
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them so today we are talking about why
in a commercial environment that we do
not use this single basket now a lot of
people think
the single basket is different to the
single spout now that is correct because
with a single spout you can channel the
coffee that is brewed through your
handle into one cup which is great
but on the top of it you can choose to
have a single basket or a double or a
triple sized basket in there so don't be
fooled if you think that someone is
making a coffee out of this that you're
actually getting the single basket
always ask that question
fundamentally we believe that this
basket is flawed in the way that we can
control a great extraction and why is
that well this is a 58 mil
group handle or an e61 so essentially
there is 58 mil of diameter at the top
of this basket now once we put coffee in
there and get our coffee bed
you can see that the actual holes in the
bottom of the portafilter are a smaller
diameter and i'm pretty sure it's about
24 25 mil
in between that 58 mil and the 25 mil we
have this ridge
and that is going to change how the
coffee reacts when it's attached to
water and how it's going to expand
so think of a garden hose you're sitting
there with no fitting on the end and the
water just comes out kind of a bit you
know big and fat
you put a fitting on the end like a
spray nozzle and it can just propel out
like a really long distance because it's
got a higher pressure going through a
small hole and that's actually what's
happening inside this basket
because of this ridge inside there there
is a pressure variance that's happening
as the water flows through
and pretty much once it gets down to the
bottom that round smaller size is
basically pressing up into a larger bit
of coffee and it can be really hard to
it can come out quite drippy or have a
very long pre-infusion time
which isn't actually
happening because we are controlling the
grind and the water it is actually
because of the pressure variances
happening inside the coffee and it will
essentially change your flavor so that's
why we don't use these baskets we always
use a straight wall basket now you can
get these in different depths as are the
21 grams which we put 22 and a half
grams coffee in you can get them at a 14
a 16 or an 18 gram as well so if you're
getting a basket make sure it is a
straight wall
so guys i hope that's explained to you
why we don't use them um we'll put some
more videos out there around this
product just to try and help you at home
so got any questions hey
love hearing from you thanks very much


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