La Marzocco Strada X

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La Marzocco Strada X 

Introducing the Strada X, the epitome of La Marzocco's cutting-edge espresso engineering now in its most user-friendly machine yet.

Featuring predictive mass-based profiling linked to drip tray scales, straight-in portafilters, and independent group pumps, the Strada X seamlessly integrates industry-leading espresso technology with an innovative software system and Smart Saturation. This ensures that every shot pulled reflects the barista's vision precisely.

Features Smart Saturation

A groundbreaking feature of the Strada X that revolutionizes the pre-infusion stage. By automating pre-infusion based on backpressure sensed in the group head, Smart Saturation guarantees complete saturation of every espresso puck before engaging the pump. This ensures consistent water pathways through the coffee, resulting in shots that behave precisely as dialed in by the barista, regardless of the pressure profile set. Smart Saturation embodies a fresh approach to coffee saturation and pressure profiling, prioritizing consistency, repeatability, and workflow optimization.

Strada X 3 group espresso machine.

Mass Based Profiling 

Tying pressure profiles to a target weight managed by La Marzocco’s predictive mass algorithm creates unparalleled consistency from shot to shot—even with the most adventurous pressure curve. Combined with Smart Saturation, the mass based profiling delivers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. La Marzocco 3 group Strada X coffee machine

Paddle-Based Profile Control

A redesigned paddle ensures that the Strada X automatically tunes your pressure inputs into a profile that won’t damage the puck and result in channeling. By programming real-time pressure ramping into the software, baristas can see exactly how their newly created profile runs as they’re pulling a shot in Manual mode. 

La Marzocco 3 group Strada X coffee machine

Straight-In Portafilters

Straight-in portafilters increase speed while reducing the strain on baristas and being gentler on espresso pucks. Combined with an auto steam flush for streamlined workflow and cleaner groupheads, straight-in portafilters are a complete reimagining of the most repeated task in espresso preparation.

Strada X coffee machine

 The "Street Team"

During the development of the Strada EP, La Marzocco collaborated with a diverse "street team" comprising engineers, technicians, and baristas to innovate an espresso approach aligned with evolving coffee trends. With the Strada X, this heritage is honored by incorporating insights from original team members and an extended network of baristas since the EP's launch.

While the Strada EP introduced programmable profiles using variable pressure motors, the Strada X elevates this with an updated algorithm, informed by the physics of countless espresso shots. Moreover, the Strada project recognizes that exceptional espresso hinges on a well-crafted user experience.

In response to barista feedback, the Strada X enhances popular user features such as a spacious drip tray, ergonomic steam wands, and a customized temperature hot water tap. What began as a quest to explore espresso's potential has evolved into the refined Strada X, shaped by ongoing collaboration and refinement.


manual, profile, and av modes
Create pressure curves manually, save them to repeatable profiles, or set a custom pressure and target weight in AV mode to optimize your workflow.

straight-in portafilters
Reduce barista strain and puck damage while reducing prep time between espresso shots.

steam flush
Automatically cleans your grouphead between shots to increase barista speed.

drip tray scales
Pair the extremely accurate Drip Prediction algorithm with pressure profiles to deliver unprecedented shot consistency.

pro touch steam wands
High performing steam wands that are cool to the touch.

hot water economiser
Enables you to fine-tune the tap water temperature for rinsing.

expansive drip tray
Increases a barista’s work space with extra room to stage cups and cleaning cloths.


independent boilers
Grouphead specific boilers allow for simultaneous custom brew temperatures while a separate steam boiler delivers on-demand steam pressure.

proportional valve technology
Control steam pressure with pinpoint accuracy on an electronically controlled valve.

independent pumps
An external pump provides stable pressure for Smart Saturation while grouphead specific pumps can simultaneously run unique pressure profiles.

pid temperature control
Set independent temperatures for each grouphead and steam boiler accurate to 0.1 degrees Celsius.

pid pressure control
Create unique pressure curves with the knowledge that profiles are tuned by a PID system that updates 40 times each second.

saturated groups
Ensure unsurpassed thermal stability, shot after shot.

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La Marzocco Strada X