‘Barista of the Year’ Award Criteria 2023

Each year, Artisti Coffee Roasters selects one barista from its café partners to be ‘Barista of the Year’. 2023 is the 3rd year this award will be presented with previous winners including Jimmy Petersen of 3 Toes Creations & Rachel Kee of Village Pantry. The winner of this award will receive a perpetual trophy and a trophy for themselves to keep in recognition of their achievements.

To receive the award of ‘Barista of the Year’, one must possess exceptional technical skills in brewing coffee, including proficiency in espresso extraction, milk texturing, and latte art. They should consistently produce well-balanced, flavourful, and properly prepared coffees.

They should demonstrate in-depth knowledge about coffee, including understanding the origins, varietals, processing methods, and flavour profiles of different coffee beans. They should be able to effectively communicate this knowledge to customers and provide guidance in choosing the right coffee for individual preferences.

They should consistently deliver high-quality coffees, maintaining the same level of excellence throughout the year. They should be able to adapt to different brewing methods, equipment, and customer preferences while maintaining the quality and flavor of the coffee.

A great barista is not only skilled in coffee preparation but also excels in customer service. They should have a friendly and welcoming demeanour, actively engage with customers, and be attentive to their needs and preferences. The barista should strive to create a positive and personalized coffee experience for each customer.

They should exhibit creativity and innovation in their approach to coffee. Their creativity should enhance the coffee experience for customers and showcase their passion for the craft.

A deserving "Barista of the Year" should demonstrate professionalism in their conduct. They should be punctual, reliable, and maintain a clean and organized work area. Additionally, they should exhibit a strong work ethic, taking pride in their role as a barista and striving for excellence in every aspect of their job.

They should be a valuable team player. They should work well with colleagues, promoting a positive and supportive work environment. Collaboration with other staff members, such as roasters or colleagues, to enhance the overall coffee experience and contribute to the success of the business is highly valued.

They should actively participate in the local coffee community. This can involve attending coffee events, workshops, or competitions, as well as engaging with customers and fellow coffee enthusiasts through social media or other platforms. Their involvement should reflect a genuine passion for coffee and a commitment to advancing the coffee culture within the community.

The barista who aspires to win the "Barista of the Year" award should demonstrate a dedication to continuous learning and personal growth. This can be showcased through their participation in coffee-related training programs, workshops, or certifications. They should stay updated with industry trends, brewing techniques, and emerging coffee origins, continually improving their skills and knowledge.

The opinions of customers and colleagues hold significant weight in determining the "Barista of the Year" award. Positive customer feedback, reviews, and recommendations, as well as endorsements from colleagues and supervisors, can strengthen a barista's candidacy for the award. Nominations are welcome and encouraged and can be done by emailing jimmy@artisti.com.au or discussing this with your account manager.

Good luck to all potential winners of this years ‘Barista of the Year’ award.


‘Best New Barista’ Award Criteria 2023

The ‘Best New Barista’ award is given to an up-and-coming barista in the Artisti café partner network, chosen by the Artisti team. The winner of this award will receive a trophy to keep in recognition of their achievements.

To be eligible for this award, this barista should exhibit genuine enthusiasm and a deep passion for the craft of coffee. They should demonstrate eagerness to learn, explore, and improve their skills, showcasing their dedication to becoming an exceptional barista.

They should have a strong commitment to continuous learning and personal growth. They should actively seek out opportunities to expand their knowledge and skillset, whether through training programs, workshops, mentorships, or self-study. Their receptiveness to feedback and willingness to embrace new techniques and ideas are crucial aspects of their development.

While being a new barista, the individual should demonstrate a foundation in the technical aspects of coffee preparation. They should have an understanding of espresso extraction, milk texturing, and basic brewing methods. Although they may still be refining their skills, their dedication to mastering these techniques should be evident.

They should showcase their ability to adapt and thrive in different situations. They should be open to experimenting with new brewing methods, coffee origins, and flavor profiles. Their willingness to step out of their comfort zone and embrace challenges will contribute to their growth as a barista.

They should actively engage with customers, displaying improving communication skills, and showing attentiveness to their preferences and needs. Their friendly and approachable demeanor should create a welcoming atmosphere and leave a positive impression on customers.

They should work harmoniously with their colleagues, offering assistance and support whenever needed. Their ability to collaborate effectively contributes to a positive work environment and ensures smooth operations within the coffee shop.

They should display a strong sense of self-motivation and initiative. They should actively seek out opportunities to grow their skills, whether through research, attending coffee-related events, or engaging in discussions with more experienced industry professionals.

Feedback and recommendations from colleagues and customers hold significant value when considering the "Best New Barista" award. Positive feedback about the barista's progress, their ability to learn quickly, and their positive impact on the coffee shop and its customers should be taken into account. Nominations are welcome and encouraged and can be done by emailing jimmy@artisti.com.au or discussing this with your account manager.

Good luck to all potential winners of this years ‘Best New Barista’ award.