Buyi Espresso Bar is located the Mid North Coast of NSW in the beautiful beachside village of Old Bar which has a modest population of around 5000 people. Bennett opened the doors during Covid, early 2020 & already Buyi has been a huge success.


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How does a small espresso bar in a sleepy little village do over 50kg's of coffee in a week?

Jimmy & Luke here at Artisti were heavily involved with the planning of the cafe. They advised Bennett on design, layout, equipment, customer/service flow and Jimmy also did the graphic design work developing the logo and colour scheme for Buyi. Plus, Jimmy trained Bennett and his staff in the craft of making Artisti Coffee and he was also there on opening day to guide them along.

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From day one Bennett and his team have been enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to make the best coffee possible. They serve their customers our Champion Blend but also have available our various Single Origin offerings which Bennett finds is a nice talking point with his regular customers. They discuss what Single O is on for the week, its origins and the flavour profiles of the coffee. 

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Why is Buyi so successful? Well here's how we see it.

They began with a clear vision and put a whole lot of thought into working within the limited space of the home they chose. They carefully designed their operation to flow around the space as smoothly as possible. All of the staff are friendly and know their coffee in detail. They can communicate and easily talk on the differences in each of the coffee options they serve. They've learnt to make amazing coffee plus they offer a good selection of retails beans that their customers can purchase and take home. They are fresh and modern. Their food offerings are simple, quick to serve and extremely delicious. They are big into social media. Every day on Instagram they are showing off their food, coffee, visiting customers and general goings on. Lauren from Buyi said "Sharing on socials so powerful, one day we post about tasty raisin toast and the next day we sell out".

Overall, the Espresso Bar is quite simplistic but it’s done with great enthusiasm and passion. Bennett grew up in Old Bar and for him it's about giving back to his community through Buyi.  Here at Artisti we've really enjoyed working closely with Bennett and the gang at Buyi and are so proud to see how they've become such a hit in Old Bar.  

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