Extra Stock + Coffee Order

Order by Sunday 13th December 
Order enough teas, chai, chocolate, syrups, cups, lids, chemicals, accessories & equipment to last until the week of January 11th. There is no reason to run the risk of running out of this stock when it has a long shelf life.

To help reduce the risk of freight delays, please order extra stock to be dispatched Monday 14th December.

Coffee Only Order

Order by Sunday 20th December 
Order enough coffee to last till the week of January 4th.
Please order extra coffee which will be dispatched Monday 21st December.
Ensure you're holding 1-2 weeks worth of coffee every week for correct aging.


First Order for 2021

Order by Sunday 3rd January 
This order will included aged stock of up to 50% roasted on 27.12.2020 to get you back on track with serving aged coffee of 10+ days

Don't Be Late!

Don't miss these deadlines as we cannot guarantee we will have the stock available if you place a late order.
All orders need to be placed via Ordermentum.

Please contact Jimmy on 0434 299 200 if you need help to do this.

Are You Closing?

We need to know if you're not going to place an order.

Please reply to this email or contact Jimmy on 0434 299 200 to let us know.
Closed: 1:00pm Thursday 24th December
Reopening: 8:00am Monday 4th January





Please call Greg on 0476 131 311 for all assistance & support.