3M/Cuno High Flow Water Filtration Filter

$117.99 $125.00

3M/Cuno High Flow Water Filtration Filter

$117.99 $125.00

Please Note: This product requires 3M Filter Bracket Head for operation.

The High Flow Series from 3M offers the latest technology for optimal espresso flavour and machine protection.

Reduces: Scale, Chemicals & Sediment whilst maintaining an ideal PH and great taste

Ideal: For water with Total Hardness up to 140 PPM (ask us for help measuring your Total Hardness)

Rating: 1 Micron

Pre-Activated: No flushing required - upon installation - it is recommended to run 1-2 litres of water through the group to expel air from filter.

Capacity: 18170 litres - suggested replacement: 12 months or 1500 kg of coffee

NSF Certified for use with coffee machines and food products

Auto-Shut Off all High Flow Filters fit the same head - these heads have an auto shut off valve for quick and easy changeover.