AeroPress Coffee Maker (IN STOCK)

$44.00 $52.00

AeroPress Coffee Maker (IN STOCK)

$44.00 $52.00
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The AeroPress Coffee Maker brings out the best in every bean. Its unique brewing method gives the richest coffee flavor, with less bitterness and acidity, and no grounds left in your cup!

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is compact, sturdy and produces minimal mess, making it an ideal coffee companion for home or on the go. It's a great way to make coffee when your on the go, on holidays, camping or just from home.

It's easy to make a great coffee with an Aeropress.

Coffee grounds are brewed with full immersion and then pushed through a Aeropress paper filter or Aeropress metal filters, to create a smooth, rich and grit-free coffee.

When you choose your coffee, be sure to select which you need your coffee ground for, paper or metal filter. 

The whole process takes just two minutes from go to flow. This little device facilitates numerous brewing methods and caters to an extensive range of coffee preferences.

You can make one to four cups per pressing. Each pressing only takes about a minute, so you can serve a houseful of guests in a few minutes.

Watch our video on how to make an Aeropress coffee: