La Marzocco KB90

Ultimate Workflow
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KB90 - Ultimate Workflow

The KB90 establishes a fresh benchmark in high-volume café performance, dedicated to achieving exceptional espresso with swifter, cleaner, and simpler operation.


The Straight In Portafilter is crafted with the aim of streamlining the process of engaging the portafilter, thereby minimizing strain on the barista and enhancing overall performance and usability. In bustling coffee environments, where speed and efficiency are paramount, this innovation enables baristas to work swiftly and seamlessly, ensuring timely production of drinks even during peak hours.

La Marzocco KB 90 straight in portafilter

The Straight In Portafilter significantly reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries by seamlessly integrating into the barista's workflow, thereby enhancing productivity. A study conducted by FAENTIA CONSULTING S.R.L. confirms that the Straight In Portafilter can decrease barista strain by an impressive 12 times or 1200%. This innovative design promotes workflow efficiency and ensures universal ease of use for baristas across diverse settings.


The Steam Flush feature automates the cleaning process of the shower screen by delivering a burst of steam followed by a hot water flush through the group head after each extraction. Utilizing hot steam ensures that the shower screen stays cleaner for longer periods compared to using hot water alone, thereby reducing the frequency of in-shift backflushing required for the machine.

This Group Steam Flush function is invaluable for bustling bars, as it helps maintain machine cleanliness even during the busiest rush hours, minimizing the risk of unpleasant flavor notes arising from a dirty brew path. Additionally, the steam flush function offers customizable settings, allowing users to separate the two functions: the group steam clean, which involves a spray of steam, and a 3-second hot water auto-flush.


The Drip Prediction algorithm precisely halts espresso extraction when the desired beverage mass is attained. This innovative system operates by continuously monitoring the flow of espresso into the cup using a load cell. By analyzing this data in real-time, the algorithm accurately predicts the optimal moment to stop the extraction process, ensuring the final weight aligns with the target without requiring manual adjustment of offset time.

Due to its algorithmic nature, this system maintains consistent accuracy without the need for a learning period. Whether you're working with different blends, decaf, or single origins, the Drip Prediction algorithm remains reliable and unaffected, offering consistent performance across various coffee types.


The renowned 3-button keypad has established itself as a dependable, user-friendly interface that is cherished by coffee professionals worldwide. Paired with La Marzocco's proprietary electronics, programming becomes intuitive for both baristas and technicians alike.

La Marzocco KB 90's familiar interface


Utilizing the hardware logic of the Linea PB, programming each function becomes effortlessly intuitive for a diverse range of users, spanning from roasters to technicians, and from baristas to bar owners.


The innovative easy rebuild steam valve is designed to delight both baristas and technicians alike. It upholds La Marzocco's renowned standard of steam quality, ensuring optimal milk steaming performance cherished by baristas worldwide. Moreover, its engineering allows technicians to access the valve for routine or extensive maintenance without requiring the removal of the machine's body panels. This streamlined approach minimizes machine downtimes and shortens servicing durations, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


The La Marzocco Pro – Touch Steam Wand guarantees that the steam wand remains cool to the touch for the barista. Crafted with cutting-edge technology inspired by the aerospace industry, this design ensures the barista's hand is fully insulated from the heat of the steam.

Available in either auto-volumetrics (AV) or auto-volumetrics with scales (ABR).


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La Marzocco KB90