La Marzocco Wally Milk

Perfect milk every time.
Seen it cheaper?

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Wally automatic milk steamer creating the perfect milk every time.

Crush the rush with Wally Milk

Wally Milk simplifies milk steaming, acting as an additional pair of hands during peak café hours. Just place a filled milk pitcher on Wally Milk's tilt tray, and it handles the rest.

No need for measuring or specialized equipment. Wally Milk automatically adjusts steam quantity based on milk volume, accommodating any matte finish jug.

Consistently steamed to perfection, baristas can effortlessly create intricate latte art. With Wally Milk, every pour is flawless, whether serving one customer or a hundred, it effortlessly meets your café's demands.

Small footprint, huge output.

Maximize productivity without sacrificing space on your bar with Wally Milk. This automatic milk steamer functions as a third steam wand, seamlessly integrating into your espresso machine's steam boiler.

Whether your café is bustling or slow-paced, Wally Milk effortlessly handles milk steaming with minimal effort and training required.

Streamline your workflow.

Achieve efficiency without sacrificing excellence with Wally Milk. Featuring automatic volume recognition, a vortex steam tip, and a tiltable pitcher tray, it delivers barista-quality milk foam effortlessly at the push of a button.

Focus on what matters most.

Experience unparalleled consistency and control effortlessly with Wally Milk—no extensive training needed. This innovative system liberates busy baristas, allowing them to prioritize what truly matters: delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Consistency customer’s love.

Day in, day out, multiple sensors meticulously monitor temperature and consistency to ensure precision. Your customers will relish the consistent quality of perfectly steamed milk, time and time again.

An extra set of helping hands.

With fully automatic operation, Wally Milk's adjustable tray mirrors the motions of a barista, allowing them to focus on crucial tasks without being tied down.

Safe, clean, efficient.

Prioritize safety, cleanliness, and efficiency with the Pro Touch steam wand and proactive alert system of Wally Milk, ensuring baristas stay protected and ahead of potential issues. Engineered for easy technician access, problems can be swiftly resolved to minimize downtime and maintain seamless operations.

Any milk, any time.

Indulge in versatility with Wally Milk - compatible with various non-dairy milks and milk blends. Save over 20 recipes to ensure flawless delivery of your distinct beverage options, anytime, anywhere.

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La Marzocco Wally Milk