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Your coffee lab.
Single-group, multiboiler, professional.
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Introducing YOUR COFFEE LAB by Sanremo - the YOU coffee machine. Crafted to put the power of coffee creation in your hands, YOU empowers you to become the maestro of your own brew. More than just a professional tool, it's your personal assistant, enabling you to craft and save your signature recipes with precision and ease. With YOU, the possibilities are limitless, inspiring you to experiment, refine, and innovate.

Designed as a single-group, multiboiler, professional-grade system, YOU redefines the coffee experience as a taste laboratory. Despite its compact size, it delivers exceptional performance, elevating the nuances of every coffee blend it encounters.

Customization is at the heart of YOU. Take control with customizable presets, offering six standard profiles with optimal parameter presets, twelve fully customizable profiles allowing intervention in all three extraction phases, and the freedom to disable pre-infusion and post-infusion. Additionally, create your own manual profiles directly from the Paddle, tailoring each cup to perfection.

Boasting both coffee and service boilers crafted from AISI 316 stainless steel, YOU ensures constant stability, maintaining ideal pressure and temperature even during prolonged use.

Choose from three configurations to suit your needs: with a tank, connected to the water mains, or fully equipped with both options. The volumetric pump, with a capacity of 70 liters, enables precise profiling, while two eco/on-off modes - automatic and manual - enhance energy efficiency.

Experience seamless operation with ergonomic start/stop levers for water and steam activation at the touch of a button, complemented by Cold Touch steam and water wands for added comfort and safety.

Indulge your passion for coffee with YOU - expertly crafted for you by Sanremo.


Purchase this machine and Artisti's Home Barista Training Guide (RRP $79) will be included FREE!

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