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Coffee Shop Tour at Beach Street Dispensary

This is the very first video in a new on going series where we will do coffee shop walk through's to explore how they are designed, what equipment is being used, as well as discover the interesting history and stories behind them. It's always interesting and a lot can be learnt by taking a close look at successful businesses to understand how they operate and identify what makes them so successful.

In this video Luke and Jimmy drop in on Beach Street Dispensary in Harrington NSW which is one of our accounts that hasn't actually been in business very long at all but they are already off to a flying start.

With this particular account, we got involved very early on and even before anything had been built. This meant we were able to consult and work closely with the owners to design a productive and efficient cafe. The new owners were also able to spend a lot of time training here at the roastery working hard to perfect our coffee making process so they could nail it from day one.

So, follow the guys here as they take you for an in depth look around Beach Street Dispensary in Harrington and show you why these guys are becoming so successful with their little coffee shop.

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1 comment on Coffee Shop Tour at Beach Street Dispensary

  • Nikki Semple
    Nikki SempleSeptember 29, 2022

    Oh how I wish the local cafes here, had Mel’s level of commitment for a great coffee.

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