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Creating Your Dream Cafe: A Comprehensive Guide to the Perfect Coffee Setup

Are you considering starting a new cafe or revamping your current one? Setting up a coffee shop requires careful planning and consideration to ensure you achieve the best possible results. In this blog post, we will walk you through some key factors to contemplate during the entire process to guarantee a successful coffee setup that impresses both your customers and your bottom line. So, let's get started!

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  1. Who Will Support You?

Building your dream cafe requires a reliable team. Surround yourself with experienced professionals who can provide valuable advice and support throughout the process. Collaborate with skilled tradespeople, designers, and coffee experts to create a well-thought-out and efficient cafe setup.

  1. Coffee Volume Matters:

Whether you are starting a new business or have an existing cafe, estimating your coffee volume is essential. Your coffee volume will determine the equipment you need and the workflow that suits your needs. It will also help you work with your coffee roaster and other suppliers effectively.

  1. Workflow & Equipment Arrangement:

Consider the customer's journey when planning the layout of your cafe. Ensure your workflow is smooth and efficient, allowing for easy interaction between the barista and the customer. The proper arrangement of equipment, such as coffee machines, grinders, and tampers, will contribute to a seamless coffee-making process.

  1. Storage Solutions:

Effective storage solutions are crucial for maintaining a tidy and functional cafe. Optimize under-bench storage while keeping enough space for your coffee equipment and barista's comfort. Additionally, think about creative ways to display coffee bags while saving on valuable storage space.

  1. Equipment Wants vs. Space Availability:

Plan your bench space according to your equipment needs and the available space. Consider the size of your coffee machine, grinders, tampers, and other coffee-making tools when designing your bench. Allow enough room for comfortable barista movement and future equipment upgrades.

  1. The Build: Plan & Budget:

Creating a budget from the start is vital for keeping track of expenses and avoiding unnecessary costs. Consider your budget when choosing materials, equipment, and additional features for your cafe. Also, create a realistic timeline that accounts for building, training, and preparation before the grand opening.

  1. Wrap Up:

To make sure you cover all aspects of your cafe setup, download our detailed PDF guide by clicking the link below. This comprehensive resource offers even more considerations and tips to guide you throughout the process. Stay organized, work with experienced professionals, and invest in quality equipment to bring your dream cafe to life successfully.


Building your dream cafe is an exciting journey filled with decisions and choices. By following these essential considerations, you'll be well-prepared to design a cafe that not only impresses your customers with delicious coffee but also delights them with a seamless and enjoyable experience. Remember, investing in the right equipment and working with the right team will set the foundation for a successful and thriving coffee business. Good luck on your cafe adventure!



6 comments on Creating Your Dream Cafe: A Comprehensive Guide to the Perfect Coffee Setup

  • Erik Ledezma
    Erik LedezmaJuly 17, 2023

    I appreciate the work you do for all coffee lovers, i’ts hard to find people in this era that are willing to pass along knowledge like this. Keep it up!

  • Kelly
    KellyJune 07, 2023

    Hi I’m very happy to watch your channel. I’m from Colombia and I’m a coffee producer 3er generation. I don’t speck very well English but I tried to Lear with you and the same time I learn about coffee and how I can offer the the best experience using our family single Origen coffee. I would like to create the firs specialty coffee shop in our town. Your lesson are very useful for my proyecto.

    Thank you for your help and information


  • Crestaly
    CrestalyJune 07, 2023

    Thank you! Very informative and helpful. I learned a lot.

  • Yemane
    YemaneJune 07, 2023

    I always appreciate the support you give to beginners in the coffee business!

  • Yemane
    YemaneJune 07, 2023

    I have been waching your videos and i really like them. I have tought me alot. We are planning to enter into the coffee business here in 🇪🇹.

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