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Talking Coffee Shop Design with Natalie from Linnea Design Studio

In this video Jimmy is talking coffee shop & cafe design with interior designer Natalie Aichroy from Linnea Design Studio in Coffs Harbour. They chat about what's involved from a designers perspective in setting up the perfect cafe when looking at materials, trades, budgets, time frames, architects, layout and more.

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Are you a coffee enthusiast who dreams of opening your own café or looking to give your existing café a fresh new look? We sat down with Natalie from Linnea Design to discuss café design, layout, and the art of creating a welcoming and memorable ambiance. With years of experience in commercial and residential design, Natalie shares valuable insights on how to transform your café space into a captivating and efficient environment that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Designing the Dream Café:

Whether you're starting from scratch with a blank canvas or revamping an existing café, the first step is crucial. Natalie emphasizes the importance of seeking professional guidance early on in the process. Engaging a designer during the early stages can save you time, money, and headaches down the line. Natalie suggests that meeting with a designer before signing a lease or making any major decisions is a wise investment. This initial consultation helps set the tone for the entire project and ensures that you have a clear vision and plan in place.

Creating a Mood and Vibe:

Once the initial consultation is complete, the design process truly begins. Natalie highlights the significance of crafting a unique mood and vibe for your café. Beyond just aesthetics, it's about how your café will make customers feel. The design should resonate with your brand, product, and target audience. Creating a mood board and collaborating with a designer will help bring your vision to life. This phase involves drafting plans, measuring the space, and getting to know your clients' needs and preferences.

The Importance of Budgeting:

Budgeting is a vital aspect of café design. Natalie stresses the significance of open communication about your budget from the outset. A well-planned budget helps guide the design process and ensures that you get the most out of your investment. Natalie's experience allows her to provide valuable insights into the costs associated with various design elements. By aligning the design with your budget, you can achieve your desired outcome without unnecessary financial stress.

Cost-Effective Revamps:

For existing café owners looking to refresh their space without breaking the bank, Natalie offers some practical and cost-effective tips. Repainting walls, incorporating new lighting fixtures, refurbishing furniture, and adding greenery are simple ways to give your café a fresh look. These changes can enhance the ambiance and create a more inviting atmosphere for your customers. Additionally, Natalie suggests involving your staff and having a pre-revamp celebration to build excitement and unite the team.

Design Trends and Insights:

As café design trends evolve, Natalie shares her observations on current preferences. She notes the popularity of white and greenery, which create a fresh and inviting backdrop. Honest materiality, where existing elements are celebrated and incorporated into the design, is also a growing trend. Natalie emphasizes the importance of storytelling within the café space, enabling customers to have a unique and engaging experience. Ultimately, the design becomes an integral part of your café's identity and leaves a lasting impact on customers.


Creating a successful café goes beyond serving great coffee; it's about crafting an environment that captures the essence of your brand and resonates with your customers. By engaging a professional designer like Natalie from Linnea Design, you can bring your café vision to life, optimize your space for efficiency, and create a memorable experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Remember, every detail matters, from the paint color on the walls to the layout of the furniture. So, whether you're a new café owner or looking to give your existing café a facelift, investing in thoughtful and intentional design is a recipe for success.


If you'd like to learn more about Linnea Design Studios you can find them on Instagram @linnea_design_studio or alternatively you'll find them online here.


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