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Village Pantry - Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

Looking for the best coffee in Coffs Harbour? Picture yourself traveling north through Coffs Harbour on the Pacific Highway, you will pass under the large blue rail bridge. At this point, look to your left and you'll see Park Beach Home Base, home to one of Coffs Harbour's best cafes - Village Pantry
Village Pantry is owned and operated by a young local couple who set the bar really high for themselves when they dived into this cafe venture. Kyle and Rachael rebuilt their cafe from the remains of a tired & struggling cafe which they took over and have been operating since the later half of 2020.
Yes, they started this cafe in the crazy, testing, uncertain times of COVID 2020. Nevertheless they've done everything right and have been kicking goals since day one. They nailed the layout, the workflow, the food, the coffee and the vibe which their success is a testament to. 
Kyle & Rachael live in a small beachside village on the northern outskirts of the Coffs Coast and they've brought a chilled coastal vibe to their business. It's lush, it's fresh and it's very inviting. Beautiful greenery surrounds the dining area creating an oasis from neighbouring shops. Warm lights in bamboo pendants hang over the well appointed espresso bar. Food is not only mouth watering and delicious but it's a feast for the eyes as well. Garnishings of delicately placed edible flowers and micro herbs are just the beginning. 
This isn't actually Kyle and Rachael's first coffee venture. Previous to Village Pantry they operated a successful mobile coffee trailer called 'Virtuosity Specialty Coffee' where they spent most of their time serving workers on a section of the new highway upgrade between Woolgoolga and Grafton. This gave them an introduction to the world of specialty coffee and inspired them to take on bigger and better things. 
We know with any successful business it's not always happy days and smooth sailing. As most businesses of late will attest, finding and holding good staff is a real challenge and chatting with Kyle recently he revealed it's a problem they've had to deal with. The cafe is a 7 days per week operation and Kyle and Rachael will tell you the business is extremely rewarding, but at the same time taxing and tiring when they have to cover gaps in their roster. Especially as they have little kids at home. 
Regardless the rewards far outweigh the challenges for Kyle and Rachael who love their business and thrive on it. They should be very proud of themselves as they have created an amazing coffee and food destination in Coffs Harbour with Village Pantry. Well done guys!
Check out more images of their beautiful cafe below.

2 comments on Village Pantry - Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

  • Garry
    GarryFebruary 10, 2023

    Magnificent lunchtime menu
    The Bowl is stunning and has lots of tasty surprises

  • Sheila
    Sheila June 22, 2022

    what a surprise, visited same many years ago
    Great improvement, enjoyed the coffee and the staff so friendly, I’ll be back with my friends next time ☕😊😊👌

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