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Joel from Artisti shows his favorite way of making coffee when you're out and about in the wilderness camping, picnicking, hiking or some epic adventure. What Joel is using is an AeroPress and some of our Signature Blend (aka Champion) Coffee.



What you will need is a little hand grinder the thing is if you don't have a hand grinder you can buy pre-ground coffee. I've got a little kettle over here that's just come to the

Boil. I'm going to turn that off now because we don't actually want boiling water we

want our water about 93 degrees. I don't have a thermometer but I'm just going to

let it sit for a few minutes while I get other things ready. The thing to note

here today is you can get way more technical with your AeroPress but as

we're out and about I don't have a set of scales and I don't have a temperature gauge so I'm going to give you approximations. We'll give you the recipe at the end of the video comment down below if you want any more information and we might shoot a more in-depth video at a later stage. 

So the first thing that we're actually going to do is get our scoop. This comes with your AeroPress. We want to use about 17 to 18 grams of coffee so what I'm going to do is get my hand grinder and get a rounded scoop. So you can actually see it's quite a bit higher than level. That's going to be about 17 or 18 grams. I'm going to insert that into my hand grinder now. Grind size that we're going for is a medium to fine grind and it does depend on the sort of coffee that you’re using and you can adjust it to get different tastes. So this is going to take a while but I'm just going to start to grind the coffee and I'm grinding all the way until I can't actually hear any coffee grinding through anymore.

So we've been grinding for about three or four minutes and you can hear that there's actually no coffee left in the top chamber. You can always double-check that just to make sure that you've ground it all out and then in our bottom chamber here we should have some beautiful medium ground coffee. Our water's still probably a bit warm at this point but I'm just going to use some water to pre-wet our chamber. What this is doing is just heating up the chamber and I'm also going to heat up the cup that we're going to be serving the coffee in and give that a good rinse out and because we're in the wilderness get rid of it. Make sure it's relatively dry and then we're going to add our coffee.

I'm using the inverted AeroPress method today which has become more popular. That basically means I'm brewing it upside down with the plunger on the bottom. Once get my coffee in there I'm just going to make it nice and level and what I want to do is I want to add about 40 to 50ml of water. I don't have scales or any sort of measuring device so I'm going to go by eye. Once I've added my water in I'm going to use my AeroPress stirrer and give that a good stir. Make sure that the coffee is all saturated in there and this will allow the coffee to actually expel any carbon dioxide and bloom. 

Once it's been about 30 seconds we're then going to fill the chamber right to the top with our water. You can actually pour quite fast all the way up to the top of the chamber and then we're going to give it another stir. Now we're going to leave that for about a minute to a just to brew.

After about a minute and a half we're actually going to push down on the plunger until we get our crema coming up through the top. What that will do is it will get rid of any air outside of our inside our chamber. So just pushing down nice and slowly until you see the crema come right up to the top there then we know we're good to go. So we're getting our glass that we're serving into, turning the AeroPress upside down and then with nice steady even pressure pushing down on our AeroPress. Push all the way down until we hear a hissing noise and that's when we know our extraction is finished. So I've just heard my hissing noise then so I'm going to stop depressing the plunger now.

There. All that's left to do is enjoy your brew in the beautiful scenery.