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Aeropress Go Review

Who would have thought, that the same guy that invented the Aerobie Superdisc (don’t act like you didn’t consider taking up professional frisby when you first threw one) would 15 years later produce a coffee brewing device that actually doesn’t suck. Good on you Alan Adler, good on you.

Aerobie have just release the Aeropress Go, the much anticipated follow up of the original Aeropress. This popular brewing device has seen baristas all over the world getting creative with their recipes and methods – so much so that you can now battle it out for the title of World Aeropress Champion. The new Aeropress Go has some big shoes to fill, so we through it was only fitting to check it out for ourselves and let you know what we thought of it.


What’s in the Aeropress Go box:

  • Silicon lid
  • Paper filter holder
  • Paper filters
  • Brewer
  • Folding stirrer
  • Scoop
  • Mug (container everything comes in)
  • Instructions


What are the physical differences between the Aeropress Go & the original Aeropress?

The Aeropress Go has been designed for.. you guessed it.. on the go! All parts fit inside a container which doubles as a mug, a silicone lid then keeps it neatly packed and safe. We haven’t tested if the lid gives it an airtight seal, but it would at least keep it dry if you were camping in the rain. The height of the brewer has been reduced to only hold 8oz (237ml) rather than the original 10oz (296ml) which is no biggie, unless you have more than 3 friends, then you better pop the kettle again. The stirrer now has a joint that unfolds and extends before stirring. The scoop has a shorter handle and is a different shape, but still holds 14g of coffee (because we all know how accurate scoops are). The filter holder has been reduced to a hard case which holds about 20 filters. The new filter case is a personal favourite of ours as without the ability to travel with clean, flat and dry filter papers, the device is useless. Both the Aeropress Go and original Aeropress still come with 350 filter papers. The weight of the Aeropress comes in at 365g which is slightly heavier than the original at 226g – to be expected with the addition of the mug. There is also no funnel included with the Aeropress Go, no loss really.


Aeropress Go vs Original Aeropress


What hasn’t changed?

The new Aeropress Go still uses the same rubber seal on the end of the plunger, plastic cap & paper filters. The diameter is still the same on both the Aeropress Go & original Aeropress - which means that all of the silly attachments you bought still work, don’t worry, it’s not like a new iphone.


Can I brew in an Aeropress Go the same way that I brew in the original Aeropress?

The simple answer is yes, however, if you brew in your Aeropress using the inverted method, then you may struggle to be able to use your recipes. Do yourself a favour, read the Aeropress Go instructions! Turns out we’ve being doing it wrong all along. We like to use the Aeropress using the inverted method which creates one cup of coffee per brew. The Aeropress is actually designed to create a concentrate which you can add either water or milk to make 4 cups using the Original Aeropress, or now 3 cups with the Aeropress Go. The cup counter on the side indicated the fill level for how many cups you’d like to make. The reduction in size of the Aeropress means that you can only brew 3 cups but this also means that if you’re not using it how it was designed, you’ve not got less water to brew with.

 Brewing Aeropress Go

Does the Aeropress Go brew coffee as well as the original Aeropress?

Yes, the Aeropress Go is just as good a brewer as the Original Aeropress. The Aeropress Go is simply an improvement on the travel ability, not the brewing method. Retaining the ability to use the same paper filters or metal filters, plunge in the same way and repeat your recipes makes the Aeropress Go just as good as the Original, even better really.


The outcome..

So to wrap it up, the Aeropress Go is going to be one of the biggest products of 2020 and will continue to keep Aeropress at the top of the list for must-have brewing devices.


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