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Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine Review

If you’re looking for a home coffee machine that performs like the top machines without the pricetag, the Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine is what you’re after.



From the moment you pull it out the box, you’ll be pleased with your purchase. It come well packaged and the experience of unpacking is something you don’t get even with the home home machines. It’s a beautifully presented machine from it’s laser cut drip tray to the unique wooden handle tamper that is supplied with the machine.

It has a 1.8 litre boiler with a heat exchanger which allows you to get steam, hot water and extract coffee, all at the same time. Other domestic coffee machines at the same pricepoint only offer around a 1.2 litre boiler.

It comes with a much heavier upgraded steam & hot water tap which allows these coffee machines to be serviceable and not just a replacement tap with you’ll find in other machines.

The finishes on the machine are really nice, beautiful little cup rail, the turning nobs and the larger steam wand is especially nice. It comes with an E61 group head which is standard across many machines. It comes with a range of baskets (watch our video on which coffee machine handle baskets to use and why).

Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine

The Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine has a vibration pump which is common at this pricepoint but what is different is that they have added a pulsar. Vibration pumps can fluctuate in their pressure so the pulsar helps to steady the pressure. This machine is rather quiet too.

The Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine is much smaller than other coffee machines, managing to fit a 3L water tank and the big boiler into a small footprint.

The steam pressure, thanks to the 1.8 litre boiler, is fantastic. Strong and consistent, great for steaming milk (watch our video on how to froth and stretch milk). The hot water tap also has a good flow and amount of pressure.

One negative about this machine, would have to be the positioning of the pouts on the group handle. The spouts are turned around so you don’t have room to rest your group head on the edge of the bench when tamping. You’ll need to purchase a group handle holder to avoid having to tamp with your spouts resting on the bench. Without the group handle holder you’ll need a coffee tamp mat.

Overall, the Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine is one of the best domestic coffee machines under $2,500 in the market.


Technical features:

  • Copper boiler 1.8L thermally insulated
  • Automatic pump refilling with electronic level sensor
  • Group type  - E61
  • Steam wand in steel
  • Water wand in steel
  • Manometer boiler pressure control
  • Vibration pump with pulsor
  • Cup Warmer new design
  • Capacity water tank Lt. 2.5
  • Dimensions: 26.5W x 45D x 37H cm
    Weight : 20kg
    Voltage: 230V-50/60HZ 
    Power Consumption: 1500 w


Included accessories

  • 2 filter holders for a cup and two cups
  • blind filter
  • cleaning brush head
  • wooden 58mm tamper


In-store pickup includes free machine demonstration and training.

View The Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine

2 comments on Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine Review

  • Maya Groenewegen
    Maya GroenewegenMarch 01, 2022

    Just bought 1 and luv having a good cuppa at home now ! Great improvement after accidentally braking the glass of plunger again and using a sock filled with ground coffee( from mum’s days ) as a gadget for making coffee with! Cheers maya

  • B. BIndley
    B. BIndleyMarch 01, 2022

    Have any improvements been made as suggested in video. We are after cafe quality coffee not the bitter taste from previous machines.

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