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where our IMF coffee roaster was born

Our IMF coffee roasting plant comes from the small commune (municipality) of Occhiobello in the Province of Rovigo in the Italian region Veneto, located about 80 kilometres (50 mi) southwest of Venice. The video here shows a little insight into the IMF factory where these state of the art roasters are produced. Plus there's an additional video below which will give you an animated overview of how the roaster works. Enjoy! 




2 comments on where our IMF coffee roaster was born

    CALEB B NYANGATEDecember 20, 2022

    How much is that 30kg coffee roaster going for?

  • Jody Williams
    Jody WilliamsMay 17, 2022

    Hello good day ,i was Searching the Amazon website to find a coffee machine like yours but I could not find any machine as yours hopefully I can get in contact with someone regarding Purchasing a machine like years and a halike years and have it delivered and what’s the price range I would Appreciate a reply as soon as possible judging from the urgency that we face at this moment in regards to this machine thank you

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