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Brewing a Tasty Long Black with Jimmy in the Artisti Coffee Roasters Espresso Bar

How do we prepare and brew a long black here in the Artisti Coffee Roasters Espresso Bar? That's a good question!

In this video you'll see Jimmy go through our process for brewing long blacks which includes heating water to exactly the right temperature, weighing our single origin coffee beans, using our preferred grinder and more. If you have any questions about brewing this coffee or any other coffee for that matter just leave us a message in the comments and we'll be sure to get back to you.


Unedited Video Transcript 



Hey guys welcome back to the Artisti Youtube

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you don't want to miss them today i'm
following up on the back of a video i
did where i made a whole bunch of
different copies show you the process we
got lots of comments and feedback and we
read them all and they all a lot of
people just want to see me make more
coffee and the processes we're using to
improve uh our coffee and therefore your
coffee so guys i'm going to show you how
i make a long black we prepare this in
our espresso bar and it's going to speed
up your service but
it's also designed to make sure that
you're getting great quality
long blacks in your cafe all day every
day so firstly you've seen us use our
anthem grinder with our dosing pots and
our scales today we're going to be using
the marconi ek-43
but we also do use
these precision grinders but we also use
niche grinders the idea is that we're
moving to a single dose
setup so instead of having a hopper full
of beans we really want to have our
weighed out portions and we're grinding
them off to suit per coffee so one trick
to that and this is really your time
saver because everyone says to me dude
it's going to take a while to weigh out
all those shots so
this is what we do we set you up with
this so you've got weight out portions
now depending on your coffee like this
month we've got an east timor delicious
we've played with our recipe a bit we've
just released a video
doing your brew recipe but this isn't
that video
but when you create a recipe like this
this is actually 23 grams but i've
portioned out 23 grams into all of these
different pots i do also have my decaf
portion as well that way i can have
fresh ground decaf just like i can have
freshly roasted single origin if i had
other blends we could use our delicate
blend or our fix blend and i can know
that i can produce great
cups of coffee and i'm not having to
waste heaps this is also going to save
you time in the process but but you're
also not having to clean out a whole
grinds worth
a whole heads worth of grind as well
i'll just make one for you one of the
other tips that we do as well we love
our coffee machines but they the water
in them is quite hot
so i don't actually want to
use that hot water
i'm going to use my kettle so i've just
got a kettle here that has a temperature
controller on it now i've got that set
to 75 degrees
celsius that is so
that means that i'm maintaining a good
temperature for my
specialty coffee the customer is going
to enjoy the experience straight away
they're not going to burn their mouth
but it is you have to read the customer
as well some people do really like hot
long blacks so
this is how we serve it so that we give
them the optimal flavor and temperature
of their long blacks i've got 75 degrees
there so i'm just going to prepare that
when i'm ready
so i've just set that just shy of that
lip there
there we go let's go this way first so i
would just grab my pot in service i've
got my shoot closed so i'm not actually
grinding any coffee
get my grind started
get my grind setting which you you'd
know from dialing in
drop that there
we're done with the grinder
knock that off
delicious that is
such a better way to get
fresh ground coffee
ready for a tasty long black
just like we do with our other blends
we're going to set that up now
this particular grinder it's a flat bird
grinder so i know it's going to bring
out nice clarity in my coffee
and that's one thing about
a lot of this setup but
really it's about that single dose
grinder so
set up our park
grab my nicely
set up hot water there
i'm just going to drop a double ristretto 
on top of this i'm just going to lift
that up let that crema sit as close to
the water as i can i really want that
crema to sit on top of the water i
don't really want it to dive under and
mix straight through
i've run a pretty quick shot there it
was a double estrada but it's
the shot's come up really quick but
rather than having to change my grind
dump a whole heads worth and then adjust
it i can just come on here i can adjust
my dial here here on my niche if i'm
doing that just quick and simple
quick changes i could bang that out
new one straight away grab another pot
good to go and dial that in
there we go we've got a beautiful long
nice crema sitting on top of the water
there that would be
easy and delicious to drink straight
oh yeah
you know it's quality when it's freshly
roasted freshly ground
and that's delicious guys that is how we
make our long blacks here we recommend
that set up to all of our accounts and
cafe partners
and it's something that you can just
manage and control how to make great
tasty long blacks so guys if you have
any questions or if you have any
suggestions put them in the comments
below we read them all we'd love to hear
from you
if you haven't already subscribe to the
channel we love all of our subscribers
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i'll see you next time guys cheers bye



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