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Dialing in the Artisti Coffee Roasters Brew Recipe - Our Secrets Revealed

Many have asked, so here it is! The Artisti Coffee Roasters Brew Recipe and how we dial it in. Dose, weight and yield.

In this video Jimmy walks through the daily process we undertake here in our espresso bar to control our extractions for a consistently great tasting cup of coffee. Jimmy looks at the equipment that we are using as well as the beans and their age which are important factors in any recipe. He tells you exactly what dose, weight and yield we are wanting to achieve and he also explains how to manipulate the grind to meet these parameters.

You need to understand that our recipe isn't necessarily the right one for you with the coffee and equipment you're using but hopefully it gives you some idea about the things you should be looking at and adjusting so you can adapt it to your needs.

We hope you enjoy this video and it helps you on your path to making better coffee.

Video Transcript

In this video i'm going to show you how to dial in Artisti Coffee Roasters brew
recipe and get your coffee tasting just as good first thing in the morning as it
does in the afternoon.
Hey guys I'm Jimmy welcome back to the Artisti YouTube Channel where we guide you through all things coffee. If you haven't already be sure to subscribe to the channel, hit the like button and the bell icon so you get notified of all future videos. Today i'm going to talk you through Artisti Coffee Roasters brew recipe. This is what we set up for our espresso bar, we train this with all of our wholesale and cafe partners and we want to show you how easy it is
to get yourself back into your recipe so you can be making great coffee
throughout the whole day, from that first coffee of the day.
Now part of this recipe is there's a whole lot of elements to this recipe, it's not just the recipe itself but there's a lot of elements that go into it that make up our recipe. Now we've done a whole other video on making your own recipe, we'll put a  link to that below and above and you can build your own recipe based on your coffee and your machine and everything. Today our recipe here at Artisti Coffee Roasters we are using the La Marzocco coffee machine, Cinoart Tamper. We've got the Anfim SP2 grinder, Champion coffee beans and they're around seven to ten days old ideally and that's a big part of the recipe as well. We will also have our pre-infusion turned on our coffee machine.
So with all that in mind our recipe for Artisti and our Champion blend is 22.5 grams of coffee in our basket as our dose and we're going to get 45 grams of yield in our cup and we want to achieve that within 30 to 32 seconds. Now I'm going to walk you through those steps today and the main thing that we're adjusting and that is our grind. So dose is one thing we can keep consistent and we have this set up here with our dosing pots and our scales so that is consistent every single time and all of our accounts are using dosing pots and scales so that we're consistently dosing the right amount each time.
Now the buttons. We're not going to go into programming today, programming is a whole other ballpark and that's something that you really want to rely on your roaster. If you're one of our cafe partners we'll dial this in for you, set up all your buttons and make sure you're good to go and dialing in your recipe will get you back to that being the correct setup for you. But if you need those buttons programmed maybe contact someone that can do that for you.
All right so let's get stuck into it but before i do i'll let you know that if you hang around to the end I've got a little bonus for you that's going to help you
be able to manage this with your staff and throughout the day. So firstly dose. Let's think about this grinder we want to make sure that we're cleaning out one  chamber at least so that we can really see the reflection, the the true reflection of the grind setting that we're on. So, I'm just going to dump one of those and that's going to mean that the grind that i'm going to use to check my recipe is going to be correct. Now dose is something that we can easily manage, that we can easily maintain throughout all of our grind settings. Now i'm aiming for 22.5. I'll be happy with that but let's just, let's just take a little bit out of there on point with our recipe. Prepare puck.
I will just check my yield. Now if you're getting yields that are way off your recipe, I'm aiming for 45 grams of yield. If you're getting 30 grams of yield even in 30 seconds that's not your recipe so you want to make sure your yield is on point. As well if again if you're getting 60 grams of yield in your cup in
30 seconds that means your recipe is wrong and you have to get that factor right. So again talk to your roaster. If you're one of our cafe partners you want to make sure that your coming to us and letting us know.
Great. So this shot i can see it's come flying out of the gate. A couple of seconds in and it's dropped really quickly and we're just about there. Great so we've got a 25 second shot. We did still get our 44.4 grams of yield. So yield it's fine. The time's out. Dose is correct. Yield's fine, time's out so what I've got there is my coffee is too coarse. The water is getting through the puck too quickly and it's not spending enough time to really get the best flavor out of that coffee. So I'm going to change my grind to go finer so that i can reduce the particle size and slow down that extraction. So i would say that extraction is under extracted and it's going to have more sour notes than i would want to get out of our coffee.
Now if you say you're going to change the grind you've got to change the grind. 
So that is the same as the last one so let's go much finer now for the example I  want to make sure that I'm nice and fine to see what that change is again. These
grinders have grind retention in them and you want to clean out that chamber. If you use that it's going to look the same as the last one and it'll drive you nuts because eventually your changes will kick in and you won't be able to see them. So we're just going to clean out that head of one and this will be the one that we're going to check. Be aware that some grinders will actually hold on to two heads worth of coffee.
Again dose is consistent. Good preparation. Let's just double check our yield while we're at it tare that off. Great now on this extraction i can see that we're we're running a little bit slow. We dropped but we are dripping. We're not quite flowing as smoothly as i'd like but again let's just check out our time. So getting to our optimal time here 30, 31, 32. Cool so I actually got 32 seconds, 43.7 grams of yield. I'm reasonably happy with that in my in my extraction and my actual recipe that i'm trying to hit. So what i'm going to do is actually just make one more change to get myself more to that 30 second mark of the 32.
Today is an overcast day and I know our coffee well and I know that it tastes great at 30 seconds so I'm just going to make one more small change and we'll see if we can hit that number. So this is the fun games we play as baristas we just are perfectionists and we want to get it right. So i'm going to speed that up a little bit more. I'll go coarse again, dump out one of those grinds. I wanted to keep it nice and real for you otherwise we can't make it all look too easy. It wouldn't be true now remembering  you've got to actually  dump out the grind. Don't get too distracted all right. Right so not really getting any dripping or not running too quick so obviously as you learn your coffee and how to read it you can keep an eye on your shots from start to finish and be drinking your coffee. Make sure you know what different moments taste like and things taste like and you know that if you're adjusting your recipe to suit you know you're going to hit that flavor that you're chasing which I've finally done. I've got 30, sorry 31 seconds. I've got 43.4 grams of yield which if I really wanted to I could program that button to give me that extra bit of yield but at the moment I'm going to roll with that and that will be delicious Artisti coffee.
Guys that is the game we play dialing in our recipe. We do that in the morning. We do that at 6am, 10am and 1pm at least throughout the day. We train this with  all of our cafe partners so that you can go get a great Artisti coffee in all of our accounts and this is something we want to help everyone do. So click on the link below there's a downloadable pdf that's got this sheet that's going to help you  manage your decafs,  your Single Origins  and your blends so you can dial them in throughout the day and you can share that with your staff and if you're a business owner it's really going to give them something to stick to daily and you can get them to do their checks and you can check up on them. But if you're a barista it's just something that you want to maintain, you can look back at that data and know that you're nailing it and what changes you're making day to day to achieve that. Guys I hope this has been helpful, we look forward to making some more videos for you so be sure to put some comments below if you've got ideas for future videos. Be sure to like the video, hit the bell icon so you get notified of all future videos and subscribe.
I'll see you next time. Cheers guys bye.

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