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How to Clean an Anfim SP2 Coffee Grinder

We’ve recently started supplying our café partners with Anfim SP2 coffee grinders as we find them to be really reliable, consistent and they’re an impressive grinder with 75 flat burrs and titanium blades. These blades will last for around 2.5 tonnes of coffee. Where other flat burr grinders in the market tend to block up, we’ve found the at the Anfim SP2 coffee grinder is much easier to clean and doesn’t get blocked as easily. They also produce a great tasting coffee.



In this blog we talk about why it’s important to clean your coffee grinder, and how to clean the Anfim SP2 coffee grinder.


Why is cleaning your coffee grinder so important?

Cleaning your coffee grinder is something that you want to be doing regularly. A clean coffee grinder will produce a cleaner, crisper tasting espresso. You want to get rid of the old, residual coffee that will taint the flavour of your espresso. You’ll increase the life of your burrs and motor meaning your grinder will last you a much longer time.


What you need to clean a coffee grinder

  • Allen Key
  • Brush (1.5 inch paint brushes are great)
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Container for nuts and loose parts


How to clean an Anfim SP2 coffee grinder

Cleaning the hopper

  1. Close the hopper slide
  2. Make the grinder much coarser to separate the blades
  3. Grind off the remaining coffee beans
  4. Turn the grinder off and unplug from power
  5. Remove the 3 screws and place them in the container (so you don’t loose them)
  6. Remove the hopper
  7. Gently wash & dry the hopper (do not reassemble until completely dry)
  8. Use your brush to dust out the ground coffee and dislodge anything stuck in the blades
  9. Vacuum all coffee grind out of grinder
  10. Place the hopper back on and screw
  11. Don’t forget to adjust you grind back to it’s original setting or your shots will be under extracted


Cleaning the dosing chute 

  1. Use an allen key to remove the dosing chute cover
  2. Brush loose grinds out of the spring
  3. Use your fingers to remove the spring, place spring in container
  4. Vacuum coffee grinds out of dosing chute
  5. Place the spring back in the shoot
  6. Place the cover over the shoot and use allen keys to put screws back in


Replacing the filters

There are 2 filters on the back of the grinder, an inlet on the bottom, and in outlet on the top. The inlet filter is likely to get dirty quickly so take it out and dust it off once a week. These will need replacing around 6 months.


How often should I clean my coffee grinder?

Daily – remove the beans and dust off old coffee grind and clean the dosing chute.

Weekly - Follow the above steps.


Let us know in the comments below if this was helpful or if you have any questions. You can find this video on our YouTube Channel also where we answer a lot of questions.


Thanks for listening and happy coffee making!

1 comment on How to Clean an Anfim SP2 Coffee Grinder

  • Nasser
    NasserMarch 01, 2022

    I have an anfim scodi 2 at my shope and would like to know how to change the setting on the the on demand button similar to what you have done with your grinder?

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