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How To Create A Latte Art Pattern On A Long Black

In this video Luke is showing you how it's possible to pour out a latte art pattern on a long black. Yes, it sounds strange but it really is quite simple and easy to do.

Luke starts by splitting his shot with one half landing in his long black cup and the other landing in a milk pitcher pre-filled with water at room temperature. From this he takes the pitcher and steams it very similar to how you steam and stretch milk. Once it's up to temperature and at the right consistency you then pour it out as you would a normal latte over the other half of the shot you had extracted.

Then voila, you have a long black with a latte art style pattern on top! It does taste a little different to a normal long black but it's still quite good and definitely worth a try. It's also fun to do to mess with your friends.

 Video Transcript

00:00:04:04 - 00:00:05:09
Excuse me.

00:00:05:13 - 00:00:07:16
Ahh yes mate. I ordered a long black.

00:00:07:16 - 00:00:09:08
It is a long black mate.

00:00:09:11 - 00:00:10:28
No that's a latte. What?

00:00:10:28 - 00:00:14:07
You've never had a long black with a latte pattern on top of it before?

00:00:14:18 - 00:00:15:25
So today, for a bit of fun,

00:00:15:25 - 00:00:19:13
I'm going to teach you how to put a latte art pattern on a long black.

00:00:19:21 - 00:00:24:09
And I know that sounds crazy, but it is easy to do and a bit of fun

00:00:24:09 - 00:00:26:01
if you get to share it with your family and friends.

00:00:29:27 - 00:00:31:03
So what we're going to do is

00:00:31:03 - 00:00:34:11
you're just going to get some water and pour it into your jug.

00:00:34:11 - 00:00:36:14
Milk jug first. Cold water.

00:00:37:05 - 00:00:39:23
We're going to get our coffee extraction ready. So

00:00:41:20 - 00:00:44:25
I'm going to get our grind and we're just going to do a double shot of coffee.

00:00:44:25 - 00:00:48:17
So you do need a double handle with a double spout.

00:00:48:17 - 00:00:55:05
Okay, do a bit of prep there.

00:00:55:05 - 00:00:59:28
A bit of OCD action, and we'll use the tamper.

00:01:00:27 - 00:01:01:20

00:01:01:20 - 00:01:03:09
Now get your favorite cup.

00:01:03:09 - 00:01:06:16
And what we're going to do is we're going to begin our extraction

00:01:06:25 - 00:01:11:07
and split half into half cup and half into the jug

00:01:11:07 - 00:01:37:25
with cold water.

00:01:38:02 - 00:01:38:12
All right.

00:01:38:12 - 00:01:40:21
So we're going to set aside our espresso shot there.

00:01:41:02 - 00:01:44:04
And what we're going to do is we are going to froth this cold water

00:01:44:04 - 00:01:47:23
and espresso together, and it's actually going to create a bit of a foam.

00:01:48:06 - 00:01:50:27
Now, if we use the exact amount of water here,

00:01:50:27 - 00:01:53:08
we know that we can fill this cup up.

00:01:53:08 - 00:01:56:14
If we get a bit too much water, you might start to dilute that long black.

00:01:56:15 - 00:01:59:09
So take a couple of measurements and know how much water to start with.

00:01:59:23 - 00:02:02:10
And the good thing about this is you can heat your long black

00:02:02:10 - 00:02:03:20
to the perfect temperature.

00:02:03:20 - 00:02:06:16
You can grab a thermometer, pop it in, and you'll be spot on

00:02:06:16 - 00:02:09:02
when you serve this to yourself or whoever has ordered.

00:02:09:15 - 00:02:14:25
So pretty simple from here we're going to froth our water and espresso

00:02:16:04 - 00:02:16:23
and you're

00:02:16:23 - 00:02:19:13
just going to get a nice little agitation.

00:02:20:19 - 00:02:25:24
It happens really quick because it is water, because water

00:02:25:24 - 00:02:29:03
coming out of a tap is about 23 degrees and milk is four degrees.

00:02:29:03 - 00:02:31:15
So you want to be pretty ready to froth that.

00:02:32:07 - 00:02:36:16
And if you have a look at the top of here, it looks like latte milk.

00:02:36:16 - 00:02:38:29
Essentially, there's a nice fine bubble on there.

00:02:38:29 - 00:02:42:03
The finer your steam hiss the better that is going to be.

00:02:42:15 - 00:02:45:27
So we're ready to pour out, give your espresso a really good swirl

00:02:46:12 - 00:02:47:20
to break that creamer

00:02:47:20 - 00:02:50:29
and again, just get in and around the cup as you normally would

00:02:52:04 - 00:02:59:10
and then pour out your pattern.

00:02:59:10 - 00:03:01:05
There you go, a little tulip.

00:03:01:05 - 00:03:04:14
Pop it on a saucer

00:03:04:24 - 00:03:05:15
with a spoon

00:03:08:14 - 00:03:10:29
and serve that up to your mates or your friends.

00:03:10:29 - 00:03:13:21
There you go guys, I hope that gives you a little bit of fun in your coffee making.

00:03:14:13 - 00:03:16:18
Now to note, does it taste different?

00:03:16:19 - 00:03:18:09
Well, yes, it does.

00:03:18:09 - 00:03:21:12
The initial espresso is going to taste perfect, but when you do

00:03:21:28 - 00:03:25:13
give it a little bit of heat up, I do find it gives it a little bit more acidity

00:03:26:02 - 00:03:27:04
and it's a bit lighter.

00:03:27:04 - 00:03:29:04
So you may or may not like that,

00:03:29:28 - 00:03:32:15
but hey, just something fun to share with your family and friends.

00:03:32:17 - 00:03:34:29
So when you give this a go at home and you've done something awesome,

00:03:34:29 - 00:03:37:10
make sure you do tag us in all of our socials.

00:03:37:10 - 00:03:41:07
We'd love to see the kind of patterns that you can produce on your long blacks.

00:03:41:15 - 00:03:42:17
Thanks very much for watching, guys.

00:03:42:17 - 00:03:43:27
We'll catch you next time.

00:03:43:27 - 00:03:44:23


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