To Suit 3M/Cuno High Flow Water Filter 3M NEP Head for High Flow filter range 3/8" female bspt inlet and outletThis durable design includes an auto...

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Please Note: This product requires 3M Filter Bracket Head for operation. The High Flow Series from 3M offers the latest technology for optimal espr...

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Fresh roasted coffee - Milk chocolate, maple syrup, jasmine. Keep the whole office caffeinated with our bulk coffee pack. Our most popular coffee ...


Suitable for E61 heads and 58mm baskets. These dosing pots are a cheap and simple dosing cup to weigh out and deliver ground coffee neatly into you...

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ABLE Disk is a Reusable AeroPress stainless steel filter - Fine, its the choice of all the coffee geeks looking to get the best brew on the GO! Fit...

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The only coffee scale you'll ever need to make delicious coffeeMaster the art of coffee brewing with Acaia - the only scale designed for coffee ent...

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The Acaia Pearl coffee scale is favored by top baristas and cafes around the world. The design and laboratory-grade parts make for a seamless brewi...

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The AeroPress Coffee Maker brings out the best in every bean. Its unique brewing method gives the richest coffee flavor, with less bitterness and a...

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Replacement filter cap for the original Aeropress coffee maker.

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The AeroPress Go is thoughtfully engineered to provide all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress plus a convenient drinking ...

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AeroPress Replacement paper filter pack. 350 filters per pack - also suited to filter Delter Press 

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All caramels are not created equal. Alchemys most popular coffee syrup has the distinctive grown up caramel flavour profile, a mile away from toppi...

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