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Brewing an AeroPress using our Brew Recipe for the Inverted Method

In this video Luke talks you through our preferred method of brewing coffee using an AeroPress. It's pretty simple to brew coffee in an AeroPress, All you need is good coffee, hot water and the AeroPress kit. Ohh and our recipe card also helps! Yes, if you watch the video Luke will explain where you can get your hands on our recipe card which will provide you with a step by step guide on our favorite brewing method.

The AeroPress is a great device for brewing coffee on the go and is super popular with travelers, campers, hikers and people who just love adventuring outdoors. In fact the majority of the crew here at Artisti keep it handy when we're out on adventures. 

Hope you enjoy watching this video and if you have any questions please drop us a comment. Happy brewing!


Video Transcript 


G'day, Today we're going to make an AeroPress using the paper


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