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What? Brewing Tea in an AeroPress! Is it really possible? Yes, it is and it's so good!

Can you brew tea in an AeroPress? Yes, you can!

Second question is, why would you? Well imagine your out camping with friends and you're brewing up some coffee but one of your friends is would prefer a tea. Enter brewing tea in an AeroPress!

It's actually quite simple,very clean and the tea tastes amazing! In this video Luke walks through the process and shows you exactly how easy it is. Hopefully you enjoy this video and learn a new use for the AeroPress.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone welcome back to the Artisti YouTube channel where we guide

you through all things coffee and tea. So you don't miss out on one of our
latest videos hey make sure you do hit the like button, subscribe and the bell
icon and you'll get notified when we hit up our latest video. If you've got a comment please leave it below we do love answering them. So, today i'm not using the AeroPress coffee brewer i'm using the Aeropress tea brewer.Let's see how we go.
Anyway i've been told that you can make tea in the Aeropress so we're going to give it a go. So we've got some China Sencha Green Tea here and we're going to brew it up in a really specific recipe.
Now why would you use an Aeropress for tea? Well put it simply if you're going to be out making coffee and for a lot of people there's always going to be a tea
drinker. It could be a green tea or a peppermint tea but if you just love coffee in the morning or tea in the afternoon, maybe when before you go to bed you can
use this one device. So for traveling it does make it a lot more compact. So to keep it really simple we've got some water on the boil and we're going to use the metal filter because it is going to help us hold back essentially all of the the tea leaves. I'm just going to open that up a tad. We're going to tear this off and  we've got some full leaf green tea here. We're going to pop that in. Our recipe is
2.8 grams for 200 mils of water at 85 degrees. Now that has to be two and a
half minutes if you're going to brew tea. You don't want to be under brewing or
over brewing tea so it's really quite precise. Now 30 seconds either way will
really change the flavor of that tea. If you're under by a few seconds even 20
seconds it's going to be a little bit more green and sort of tree kind of tasting.
If you go over you're going to bring out the bitterness and that's the same with
green teas or black teas so make sure you look at your recipes before you
start brewing tea. So let me grab the kettle (Stagg Kettle) It's at 85 degrees and I need to start my timer because as soon as we start adding that water it's starting to brew. Beautiful. So you can pop our little metal filter back on with our cap. Remove the Aeropress off the scale and now all we have to do is wait.
That's two minutes.  30 seconds to go so make sure you get your cup ready. We can pop it on there and we can now start to reduce the air out of there. So you'll
start to see the liquid just coming up through the metal filter into there. We go into the black holes coming through the top there and we got 225. 
So five seconds we're going to invert this and pour out our tea. There we go and you can see the tea floating around in there nicely and press that down. Beautiful. So there you go you've got a perfectly extracted and brewed cup of
China Sencha Green Tea. How does it taste? Well i'm sure just like any other tea. Oh, that's a good green tea. Now if it was a hot day and you wanted to have a cold product you could obviously chill that down or chuck some ice cubes in it and you'd have some beautiful iced tea. A bit of lemon, lime, whatever you've got hanging around it's going to be a beautiful cup.
So guys i hope you've enjoyed another way that you can use your favorite um
coffee maker the Aeropress. Um if you've got another way of brewing something hey shoot us comments down below we'd love to hear how you're using your Aeropress a little bit differently.
Thanks very much for watching everyone have a great day!

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